October 29 – The Day We Met.


Today was a day that changed my life forever. My hubs and I were destined to meet on this day. When we met, there was more than enough chemistry, and we knew what was to come in our future. He slyly mentioned 10 year anniversaries and the such, and I was more than smitten. I knew that this man was going to become my husband dearest. We met through a friend that knew we were both looking for our soul mate, but we didn’t realize what a great job he would do. Sparkling conversation, great company made me realize that there had been no one which who I could open up to as much as I did with him, and then I knew that we had become best friends. As it was said in one movie, “Friendship on fire becomes love.” Or something along those lines… When we went on our official date a month later, we couldn’t stop flirting with each other, and his courtesy and gentleman-like ways made me fall in love. Although, I claim I fell in love with him at first sight, I think it really happened on our first date when it was as if we were and had been a couple forever.

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