Karva Chauth.


The holiday where wives fast the entire day (without food and water) for their husband’s long life and success. It’s a beautiful holiday, in which wives and husbands both can express their love through actions. 🙂

Wives wake up early in the morning (before the sun even rises) and take a shower, do prayers and then eat the food their mother-in-law prepares called sargi made up of sweets and delicacies. The wife also indulges in water, as there is no food or water until they see the moon through a sieve, along with their husband’s face, then the husband gives them their first drink of water and their first morsel in adoration for her sacrifice. The wife dresses in either her wedding dress or something equally nice, with mehndi adorning her hands, and jewelry and bindis. It’s all so very romantic.

Karva Chauth for me last year, my first:

This year, I am blessed to be celebrating it with my mother-in-law! 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


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