The T-Rex image from the article on CNN.


T-Rex was one of those creatures that we all feared even as children, even though, he had been long-gone. I mean, honestly, I would NEVER want to run into one of them! After watching Jurassic Park, the fear became a little real, and it was amazing how real something we’d never really even seen could look!

Just their skeleton alone could bring shivers down a spine. The amazing girth of every bone in its body. The size of his every tooth. It put an interesting twist on myth and fact. As a kid, I was very into dinosaurs and had coloring books, sticker books on the very creature. As a reader, I really was so curious about how scientists were able to come up with the skin texture and all from seeing bones. Obviously, there is technology and there are ways to somewhat concoct what they may have looked like.

My biggest question growing up was actually: How did they really disappear?! I know there are so many theories, but how will we ever really find out? I’ve always had a list of questions that I personally wanted to ask God if for one minute I could ask Him. And, that was definitely the topper of the list.

When I came across this article on CNN about Scientists: Tyrannosaurus rex munched on its own kind, I don’t think I was very surprised! Apparently, T-Rex was a real-live monster! I mean, it’s obviously still unclear whether they hunted their own kind down or scavenged, according to the article, it is still wonderous the many things we still find out even today!

If only someone just created the time machine and made all the guessing stop! How much easier would that be? 😉

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