Let’s Prep Talk.


I’m sure no preparation was necessary except to have the finer things in life. What a prep was in junior high was the top of food chain, or really the popular kids. I really don’t know where the term prep came from, but it was what most children aspired to become. To be honest, I don’t even know what the preps called themselves!

To be part of the in crowd was a wish that most children had. I remembered the term “prep” only because my husband was asking me to describe his dress style. I told him, “Well, I consider Scott Disick (from Keeping Up with the Kardashians) to be a hardcore prep.” My husband does dress really well, so I told him he’d also be a prep. He wasn’t sure whether to take it or leave it. 😉


In Junior High, since I was more into being smart and getting really good grades, I definitely did not come in the category of a prep, and considered myself the average kid. I was blessed to have clothes and keep up with a few fashions (at times, and in my eyes). Most of the time, I was not the most fashionable in the bunch nor did I seem to care about my appearance at that point. I did have the trendiest nail polish and some of the fads of the time, but far from being a prep. I don’t think I really cared.

In these days, I think it makes me very sad to see children that eat lunch by themselves and get bullied literally to death, and I always feel that the class system in schools will and has always existed, and it is surely the root cause and root evil. But, there will be no end to the class system in school, but if we all get together and teach children to treat each other equally, maybe a difference can be made!

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