ABCD… American Born Cultured Desi


Nah, don’t worry – this entry is NOT about the Alphabet.

This stands for: American Born Confused Desi.

I have always and I will always stand by this considered it to be: American Born Cultured Desi.

However, there are some that should still be considered confused! I was lucky to be brought up with parents who believed they should pass on the knowledge of our heritage, religion, background, and even language. I’m proud to be fluent in Hindi. It makes me feel wonderful to have something of importance to pass on. Growing up, we were fortunate to be able to eat Indian food and celebrate our holidays as our parents must have when they were growing up in the Motherland, India. My Mom and Dad told us stories of their childhoods, and it was fascinating to hear the differences, hardships, and the success they have reached with those experiences.

My paternal grandfather came to America for a better life for his immediate family and the family to come (yes, I would be considered part of that!) and I thank him everyday for the sacrifices he made for our families to have the ability to experience a better life here in the United States. With his strength, he was able to provide for his family and allow them to see and seize opportunities for themselves. It is definitely amazing to have such a role model in my life to look up to. And, most of all, amazing is the sacrifices he made, and was never personally thanked for. I must say I am very proud that he is my grandfather and someone with values and morals that were passed on to me. I am even prouder that I have kept great care of those values and intend to pass them along myself.

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