One of our new favorite shows, plus one of the many we choose to DVR. That says A LOT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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We have been following it on our DVR – and we must say that it is pretty funny and it is awesome to see the Indian population with their own show. Especially, all the songs they play throughout! I get so excited about the choices of songs! We had Netflixed the movie, Outsourced, but I must say, I was fairly disappointed by the bad talent, no offense. I can see why they have made the movie into a TV show. The reason is because it does it so much more justice. And, 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time for this show to have a situation and problem, and then solve it by the time is up.

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The characters are much better, and obviously, my favorite would be Gupta, because he has my former last name. He is the annoying character who bothers everyone with his chatter. Their storyline is much stronger, and I do like the ways they have fixed and strengthened the show. I heard that there are mixed reviews because of perhaps the culture and jokes, but I didn’t really see anything to be offended about. It’s a great portrayal of misconceptions that one may have about our culture. I think it’s a great way to clear things up and just be entertaining for all cultures. Regardless, of origins.ย It’s very fun to watch, and we definitely look forward to it – and we would highly recommend it to ANYONE! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Since we’re on the subject of outsourced, just thought I’d say that it is ironic that jobs are/were moving to India, especially when much of the population picked up and moved everything or almost everything they owned and came here for a better life. I understand the concept, but I don’t particularly agree with it, especially since jobs are not so easy to find for everyone! But, that’s all I’m going to say on that piece.

By the way, just in case anyone was wondering, Outsourced comes on Thursday on NBC.

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