Taco Bell.


Our favorite place to eat as kids was Taco Bell. They used to have a cheesarito, which was the only thing we used to order. And, the pintos and cheese. It used to serve as many-a-family-outing for a quick meal. Now, as little as we go, we are absolutely fond of the Mexican Pizza, so it’s always fun to get nostalgic about our childhood fast food delights.

On Halloween, we would go trick-or-treating around the mall, and Taco Bell used to give out their cinnamon twists as their treat. We would get so excited because it was like getting a dessert without having to eat dinner. Not to mention, the other chocolates and candies that we would also get in our cute little plastic pumpkin baskets.


When my brother was 1, he had a little tantrum because he was so confused by the spork. He cried and now everytime I go to there, I think about that and it makes me laugh at how funny the spork really does looks.


And, who can forget the adorable chihuahua? He was quite the charmer!

Just thought I’d share that little story that popped into my head today.

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday and weekend!

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