Beanie Babies.


Now, that was a craze that is STILL cherished in my heart because my Mom and my Dad were SO WONDERFUL about it! God bless their sweet hearts. The craze began and we were lucky that my Bua, my Dad’s sister, gifted us 2 each for Christmas one year. I was in love at that moment with the sweet little guys. I think from that point on, I went bonkers for Beanie Babies. Everywhere I saw a TY on the window, I’d storm in and look for the ones I didn’t have.


Yes, I do have this one!


Cutting to the chase, I have over 100 Beanie Babies thanks to my gracious parents and their fantastic patience. Can you imagine they bought doubles just so my brother and I could complete our own collections? I mean, whose parents do that? Now, I’m just waiting until one day I can take the collection and gift them to my own children. But, I think they should be given one or two per time. 🙂 Learn how patience brings the best and sweetest of fruits.


And, this one...


Sometimes, when we went with our Dad on business trips, we would be thrilled beyond belief that there were Cracker Barrels behind the hotel. We would go there everyday and try to find the ones we didn’t have. Our collection really grew. I think that was one of my favorite thrills – finding Beanie Babies. But, to be honest, it sure beat watching television cooped up in the hotel room, so I gotta say that it was perfect for that fad to come out during that decade. When we got our faster-speed internet, I would ALWAYS go to to see what new Beanies had come out. I see that they still have this website: (This is where all the pictures come from!)

McDonalds also had a deal where if you bought a Happy Meal, you would get a Ty Mini Beanie Baby. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at McDonalds as much as I did when those promotions came in. Not even in college!

Sometimes, when I pass Hallmark and those Mom & Pop Stores, now, I do peer in there for a glimpse of the Beanie Babies. Yes, they still do sell them. And, some of them have grown in size since! (I have one of those! I got it from my Mom for graduation – it’s an Angel Bear) But, it’s just such a bittersweet moment when I do catch sight of them. Gives me memories of how it bonded us with our parents and made us enjoy every moment to the fullest!

All the Beanie Babies I have pictured, I have at home somewhere! The pictures were brought to you by:

One I got for my birth month!

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