Square Dancing.


Ugh. That’s all I remember thinking. We were at the age of “Cooties” and touching others was not so classy at the time. It’s hilarious that we would actually hate square dancing. I’m pretty sure everyone felt the same way unless they had a crush that they were willing to dance with. I think even when I did have crushes, I felt VERY uncomfortable about dancing with them, so who knows, maybe it was just me and a choice few.


Our little faces would twist just like this!


I dreaded every time an announcement was made about square dancing, and I believe, it was around this time that it usually happened. If I saw X’s made with tape on the gym floor, my heart would fall into my stomach and be digested mid-way before we had to get into positions.

Holding your partner’s sweaty hand and holding them by the waist was a terrifying situation, I must say. I can say that I never looked forward to this gym activity, and honestly, I probably still wouldn’t! Well, not if it wasn’t with Mr. Puneet Taneja.



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