Inking it.


Nah, not planning on getting any tattoos, don’t you worry! Today, I randomly thought and then was shocked about the fact that I once had to write my reports, papers, whatever with black or blue ink. Yes, I guess that makes me ancient, but hey, I’m not fighting it. It’s pretty cool to feel the fold between ink and printer ink. No, it’s not like computers and printers didn’t exist because believe me, they did. I mean, there was Oregon Trail, remember? And, not only that, if our teachers felt that they wanted beautiful reports (without mentioning how badly their students’ handwriting REALLY was – and no, that was not me :)), we would all go into the computer room and type up our reports for an hour or so and then print it out. The clip art was terrible back then, may I add. But, it’s just unbelievable how some people have forgotten to handwrite because they’re so used to typing out everything. That would be me, most of the time. But, I do like to handwrite things a lot of times. I do love my handwriting – it is so legible and teachers used to rave about how it looked like it was printed from the printer anyway. Ah, yes. I was what you call the Teacher’s Pet. And, proud of it!  When I was subbing for 2nd – 3rd grade, we used to make trips to the computer room, and I’d be impressed by some of the kids getting the hang of old Qwerty right away. I knew (and was superficially proud) that they would one day type like I do. 🙂 But then again, this new generation is going to be technologically savvier (is that a word?) than my generation and me, and it’s just the truth. No one can deny it but hopefully they will make the world a better place than the previous generations before them. Let’s all hold our breath on that. On second thought, let’s not. 🙂


Totally the cheesy clip art to which I was referring!


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