Does anyone remember having one? I had to go on the internet to show (the young people who may check this blog out) what it looks like.

Mine was purple and hot pink. I remember the top of my Caboodle was pink and the bottom purple, and I believe the inside was also purple with pink removable shelves. I wonder if I still have it around. I doubt it. I used to keep all my nail polishes, hair clips, jewelry and whatnot in there. I was discussing my past awe with my Dad’s briefcase with Puneet, and how I always wanted one too. I’m assuming that when I got the Caboodle, I was beyond thrilled and that want was satisfied. But, as things sometimes fade, so did my excitement for the Caboodle. Although, it was a great little place for all the nail polishes I collected throughout junior high, I don’t think it was as practical and useful as a briefcase.

As I googled for the picture of the Caboodle I posted up there. I found that they still sell them, but they are more fashionable to the times now, obviously. This cute little Caboodle is from Target, and no, I’m not tempted to get one, but thought I’d show you how cute it is., caboodle

Ahh, how fashion changes with the time, and Thank God for that! Otherwise, I’d still be like this:

But, instead, I can be cool like this:

Ha! Anyways, as I mentioned that fashions change with time, I do remember that my Caboodle went with me on most road trips and such. But, what bothers me about the Caboodle is the size of the thing. Sure, it does expand once you open it and has “secretive” removable shelves, but it’s still not very space-saving. The Caboodle itself is a chunk, and was such a pain taking along with us. I’ve also squished many a finger in that expanding joint. Not so wonderful. Almost a safety hazard for kids that were younger than me who had one. I’m assuming. Regardless, it was a fun little gadget for a little while. I’m sure that’s when another fad came and took its place!… 😉

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