Fall Carnivals & Festivals.


We’d go to all sorts of carnivals and festivals growing up. And, usually I’d get excited just as the leaves changed colors because I knew it was about to open and the fun was about to begin!

Minnesota had awesome Halloween-type festivals at pumpkin patches and there they would set up ferris wheels. There would be appropriate rides for young children. I still remember the terrifying bus that was a smaller version of the dropping ride. Although it was smaller, it still made your belly do flips you never knew it could do. Also, there was the food. In OK City, we would enjoy the funnel cakes and all sorts of “carnival delicacies”: cotton candy of all colors made in front of your eyes, snow cones, and of course, more funnel cakes. Apparently, now, they have more than you bargained for back then! There’s fried beer, fried twinkies, fried peanut butter sandwiches, and pretty much anything that you could imagine fried. I saw an article yesterday with a picture of a frito pie fried. I think I was more disgusted than I’ve ever been! Here’s the link. Before we move on, let’s take a poll…

The fair would also set up exotic shops where you could buy Native American goodies and you could also find almost anything – I still remember buying slap bracelets that were really popular at the time and little gadgets that I probably could’ve done without. 🙂

The merry-go-rounds were pretty fun when we were young,  but once we grew up, they lost their luster. But the wonderful memories of fall festivals and carnivals will always make me excited about seeing the fall colors and tasting the cold air with a hint of barbecue lingering in it. I LOVE Autumn.

I figured out how to make mock funnel cakes at home. I don’t have pictures of the finished product, but you can trust that they are delicious!

All you need is a can of biscuits. You pop open the biscuits and fry each one. Yes, you heard me right. Fry those biscuits. When they are a beautiful, golden brown, put them in a paper bag with confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon, and shake! Dip in maple syrup and it’s DELISH! 🙂

So simple and you feel like you’re at the Fair. How fun is that? 🙂

These Halloween Treats look so yummy: 11 Scary-Good Halloween Treats by Lindsay Funston.

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