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I know it’s weeks away, but I couldn’t help myself!! I enjoy the holiday and have always enjoyed dressing up, going trick or treating around the neighborhood or the neighborhood malls. Definitely a lot of fun!

I think most of all, I enjoyed the holiday parties in school. Who wouldn’t? Sweets and snacks and sodas. Oh my! We had pretty awesome holiday parties with fun snacks and holiday skits. There was one skit that our neighboring class performed about an ogre that lived in the suburbs. I wish I could remember the name of the play because it was really well done. And, to be honest, I didn’t catch the story because I was so mesmerized by the spookiness of it.

The one thing I did dread on Halloween was our creepy P.E. teacher in elementary school. He was tall, not too fat but not too skinny, and bald. He would wear a scary mask, dim the lights of the gym class, and set up “safe zones” – mats made like forts – around the gym, and expect us to be chased by him. If he caught us, we’d have to perform some sort of physical activity, such as push-ups or jumping jacks. I do remember that he caught me by the foot while I tried to crawl into the padded safe zone, and I don’t remember being MORE frightened than that moment. I doubt he or anyone is allowed to do that these days because of all the pending lawsuits that could create. Not to mention, all the safety hazards that caused. All those young children running around blindly in a dimly-lit gym. Not so cool. Not so fun, either.

I also remember winning a prize at a Halloween costume contest at our local mall. I dressed as a witch in one of my Mom’s blazers and a witch’s hat that I found off one of my missing costumes. I also had a blue lipstick face painting stick, and I ended up covering my face in it. I don’t actually remember too many of my costumes, but luckily I have a picture of the winning costume. 🙂

My brother and I.

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