Oregon Trail.

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I still remember that we started learning how to type in 3rd grade. Hence, my wpm is 80 – 90. Anyways, once you finished your typing task, you were allowed to play a game of Oregon Trail. Sometimes, we solely went to the computer room just to play Oregon Trail. Our teacher would hand us one of these guys:

Haven’t seen one of these in a long time!! I had to go to Wikipedia just to find a picture of it! I don’t know if I still have any. I’m sure I do in Austin, though.

Anyways, playing Oregon Trail was the BEST until they put you with a partner who was spending all the money and making the shots that made the players die before they could reach their destination. Honestly, I really enjoyed hunting and shopping on Oregon Trail. My most uncomfortable part would be crossing the bridge because sometimes it would drown you for the hell of it. But, those game memories were reincarnated as a Facebook game, which they took off and added some stupid Farm game instead. Sad! I wish they still had Oregon Trail. Maybe, they do, and I’m just ignorant. In that case, please, someone, share it with me!! I miss that game so much!

It’s unbelievable that such an educational game was some peoples’ real life. And, they didn’t have it as easy as the game shows it. I mean, you can’t just hunt a bear and make up your meat quota. In the game, I do remember that you were only allowed to bring a certain amount of pounds onto the covered wagon. Hunting a bear couldn’t be that easy, anyway. You can’t just aim right at it, and there you go. In real life, it’s much more of a tough job. And, also, in excruciating weathers, sometimes.  Sometimes, realistically, an oxen would die, and you would feel the financial stress. I don’t think it stressed the stress, for lack of a better word. Some people would fall sick, some would die before making it to their destination. This was a much bigger event in America’s history. It was the hope for Manifest Destiny – the wish to populate the West. Cheers to those who live their dreams and chase them until they reach them!

Also, a very Happy 1st of October to everyone! 🙂

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