Bonus entry, I suppose. If you notice, you have been lucky so far with 1 or 2 posts a day! πŸ™‚


Entourage – I hesitated about watching it, but we got so hooked on the show that our Netflix had all the seasons down the line on our ever-growing queue and all the movies followed (it would take a few short months to get back to the movies section of the list, by the way). HBO has the best, and I mean, THE best shows. It all started with Sex and the City – still sort of thankful for the below-average 2nd film, but hoping that it stop there, sadly. The first movie was a treat, but the 2nd movie was not as great – unfortunately – and now, I must come in to terms with it being over! Cashmere Mafia was such a great show – it’s such a shame it got cancelled, but I guess it’s better for my eyes that I don’t have another show to record on DVR.

We didn’t keep HBO for the very reason that it’s not worth paying the extra every month, and thankfully for Netflix, we can always get the movie we are craving to watch in less than 2 days. What’s better than that? And, what’s the harm in waiting just a few more hours?

Entourage – now, that show was definitely worth the watch! I’m so glad that the newest season is over because that means the sooner it’ll be on DVD. There’s another season about to come out, so by the time it does, we’ll be busy watching the latest season.

My favorite characters are E and Ari.

HBO, promotional source, Wikipedia, "Eric Murphy"

E (played by Kevin Connolly) because he is so grounded – Heck, all the characters really are. I was so touched by their male camaraderie. So sweet. Even after hitting the peak of fame, they were never able to forget the “little people”. E was the most normal character – in my opinion.

Ari – now who can hate Jeremy Piven? – even when he plays such a pompous jerk? His facial expressions made the show!! Of course, all I could think of was – Cheeeeeese… (in Vince Vaughn’s voice) and “Yeah, well, I got out!” (Dean Pritchard’s voice – a.k.a. Ari a.k.a. Jeremy Piven). Old School is one of my favorites.


Of course, Drama – without whose sense of humor would have made this show just a pile of Hollywood goop. VICTORY!!!!


Oh, Entourage – I cannot wait ’til they come out with a movie for you – here’s hoping it’s excellent!! πŸ™‚

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