What Would I Be Without My DVR?


Probably a TV junkie – well, more than I probably am.

There are only certain shows that I MUST DVR, and those include (not including spur-of-the-moment show recordings and movies): Desperate Housewives, Biggest Loser, Outsourced (New on my DVR list), and don’t laugh – Secret Life of the American Teenager. I know, the last one is totally horrid, but I’ve been watching it since the pilot – it really is terribly addictive, I swear, and I’m one of the many that caused that show to run into a few more seasons. Sorry for that. πŸ™‚

I probably have no idea what I would do without the DVR – great job, American satellite and cable companies AND whoever invented it.

What I love about DVR:

1. Pause live TV – yes, sometimes, I just can’t wait to get a drink of water or empty the dishwasher during commercial break AND sometimes, I just LOVE commercials. So, thank you, pause!

2. I love the fact that if I’ve been watching a channel, and I do run to do the above without pausing, I CAN rewind live television. Sweet.

3. The fact that I don’t have to remember when my shows are on especially if there are plenty during the week. Thank goodness.

4. I don’t feel the urge to stay at home to watch my show live. I can just miss the premiere and watch at my own leisure with the power to rewind, forward, pause, stop at my own pleasure.

5. If Hubs wants to watch football during my show, we don’t have to fight over the remote – I can either A) Banish him upstairs or downstairs to watch it there or B) We can have quality time together, watch what we’re watching and I can watch my recorded show later. Which one do I usually choose? B, of course. I’m all about QT!

It’s amazing what technology has done for us since – well, since 1983, for me. I’ve seen many firsts, such as a microwave and cell phones, and even the first search engines, as well as the internet – I even remember when Google became a verb! – it’s really cool! And, now would you look at that? New 3D television – which I would NOT waste a cent on, by the way! (If I do happen to get one, I guess you can tell me, “I told you so” but I don’t see how exciting it’s really going to be – and I’ve tried it out – also saw Toy Story 3 in 3D) The fact of the matter is, it’s not fun to wear those 3D goggles all the time, and it’s not as 3D as I wished for. If it gets better with time, then MAYBE.

Speaking of which, now is time for the Desperate Housewives season premiere, and you bet your bottom dollar, I will be watching it LIVE. Just wanted to thank DVR for giving me the option, though. Time to let Hubs know that the remote is mine for an hour! πŸ˜‰

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