Polishing Silverware? Who me? Couldn’t be!


Who woulda thunk it! I know, this sounds boring, right off the bat, but seriously, it’s somewhat amusing, I think. When I found myself polishing my tarnished silver tray without being asked to, I looked up to the sky and almost raised a mighty small fist at the sky (not necessarily at anyone in particular) and thought to myself, “Are you serious, Shipra?” In my cherished free time, I was deciding by myself to polish silver? That’s probably a first. My Mom had us polish silverware (not for fun, although it seemed she enjoyed herself) to show us what hard work it is to keep your house maintained. If I haven’t mentioned before, my younger brother (Check out his photography skills, here!) was quite the smarty pants about my Mom assigning us chores. My Mom has this tagline (roughly translated from Hindi to English): 5 jobs in 5 days. Obviously, mathematically, that means you need to do one big assignment everyday in order to keep maintenance.  One thing I can honestly say is that I’ve learned a bunch of tips for cleaning, cooking, and just everyday life activities. I have to owe it to both my parents because knowledge is a valuable thing that your parents can gift you with. So, here I was, in my free time – may I add, again – and I had tarnished silver on my hand. It’s not like I didn’t have anything better to do – I mean, Kardashians, was on – C’mon!! 😉 So, here I am, breaking out toothpaste and an old toothbrush and getting a little anxious. See, at this point, I already knew toothpaste or ketchup is the BEST way to clean silver. It polishes like anything!! I started scrubbing, and seeing the tarnish disappear little by little gave me this motivation that I almost never have. I was getting overexcited just by seeing that tarnish disappear that I almost forgot to eat. That’s when I broke out a sponge and polished like there was no tomorrow. My reflection in that appearing shiny surface resembled more like my Mom any day. I felt proud that I was doing my part in “playing house” except that this was no play and it was actually a house.

Anywho, the whole point is here: toothpaste, baking soda, and ketchup (not together) can do a wonderful job getting rid of that stubborn tarnish! Just so you know, and for your visual pleasure, I have decided to show you exactly what a little elbow grease can accomplish for you! 🙂

And, then ta-da! :

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