Ode to my Darling Daler…


Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are.

My sweetheart he is:

Daler, I love when you…

1. Eat or drink with us (Even when we are just trying to finish our water quota for the day.)

2. Scratch your head under your toys. (You look so funny and cute – you make us smile!)

3. When you’re so dedicated to your millet that you savor every little crumb. Even when it’s from yesterday.

4. You chirp for us when we’re not in sight.

5. Love the way you come close to your cage while I’m eating my sandwich, almonds, or crackers (because you KNOW that you can have some.) and the way you tilt your head as if to ask, “Please?”

6. The way you dance when we turn on Football. (Especially, when it’s a team named after a bird. Luckily, that means you root for the Falcons!). Also, the way you dance, period. Always puts a smile or giggle on our face. πŸ˜€

7. The way you snuggle up into your shoulder at exactly 8PM EVEN IF Football is on. Your bedtime is your bedtime, period!

8. The way you check out the birds and airplanes from the window. (Sometimes, you MUST answer back, but we love that, too!)

9. The way you get super excited when we’re on the phone. Or, super annoyed.

10. The way you love the dishwasher’s noise. And, the way you dance to the sound.

11. When you purr when you’re having a nice nap/sleep.

12. When you put one claw in your “pocket” and take a quick snooze.

13. The way you play with your toys.

14. The timidness you get when we ask you to come out of your cage. Your sweet hesitation.

Last but not least, the way you yawn like you had a busier day than us! πŸ™‚

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