Fruit Cream.


I have no better name for it, but it’s probably one of those desserts that make you feel refreshed, as well as satisfied.

This dessert was probably more common at Uncle/Aunty parties, as I like to call them. And, it was one of those desserts that you didn’t feel so bad about eating. I think every time I decided to avoid desserts, this dessert would find its way into a menu or two and I’d succumb to it. But, whenever I see it, I always remember those “parties” and its humble appearance.

There’s no easier (or faster recipe) than this.

Half & Half
Strawberries sliced
Bananas sliced
Grapes sliced
Clementines sliced
Apples cubed (Red or green, up to you!)
(Add as many varieties of fruit that you want; canned fruit works, as well)
Chaasni/Simple Syrup (Half water/Half sugar boiled into a syrup)
Rose water
Elaichi/Cardamom (If you don’t like cardamom, try cinnamon)
Optional: Whipped Cream; Sliced almonds for garnish.

So, mixing a bowl of the entire carton of Half & Half, 1 fl. oz of Simple Syrup (which conveniently is a shot glass full of Simple Syrup :)). Add the fruits, a  few small dashes of rose water, dash of saffron, and a dash of cardamom.

Also, if you desire a thicker fruit cream, you can add Cool Whip and a maybe 1/4 the amount of Half & Half and same amount of Simple Syrup. Either way, it’s wonderful!

Chill the fruit cream and then enjoy! 🙂

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