Stuffed Red Bell Peppers.

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This is a really easy recipe, and honestly, you can’t go wrong with it. It was really tasty and fills you up! Not to mention, it’s pretty healthy!

It reminds me of a dish my Mom makes: stuffed jalapeno peppers or poblano peppers (which is the best version, in my opinion, because it’s not AS spicy and much easier to enjoy!) with besan (gram flour) and spices and then steamed. I make that sometimes, and it’s always amazing. It’s spicy and it definitely clears out your sinuses. I enjoy it with a side of either Tandoori naan or a simple roti (which works best, according to me)! 🙂

Recipe for stuffed red bell peppers:

First, you need to cook some brown rice according to directions. If you want to get it done quick enough without toiling over the stovetop, I would recommend putting 1 cup of rice (which is all you need) with 2 cups of water and if you must, a pat of butter (it turns out just fine without, just saying!) into a microwave-safe dish, and turn the microwave to 20:00. If it needs additional time, keep giving it 5:00 until tender or until water is gone.

In a pot or pan, put some garlic minced finely with some heated oil with just some taco seasoning (you can pick this up from your local grocery store or even Costco) and add a few spoons of enchilada sauce just to prevent it from drying out. Until the sauce has become one with the rice, don’t stuff into the peppers, or you will get wet peppers, which is not so pleasant to eat.

What I did next was a spur of the moment thing, I took a slice of fresh mozzarella, rolled it around in some breadcrumbs that I made (all it was some whole-wheat ritz crackers + bran, parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, and finely chopped in the food processor) and laid it on top of the newly stuffed red pepper.

To prepare your pepper, you must cut the top off, and then, scoop out the seeds.

Stuff, and lay the breadcrumbed mozarella over the top:

Then, with it lying on an aluminum foil-covered cookie sheet, bake it at 500* for 30 minutes, but keep an eye on it because it can burn really quickly. Water will start to pool around the pepper and you may hear a sizzle here and there while it’s in the oven, but just check it through your oven’s window, and it should be okay! It’ll be really tasty when it’s done!

Other filling ideas:
* Stuffing (In this one, I made a Spanish rice & Cornbread stuffing mix – using store-bought stuffing; you can use both store-bought, but if you really want it to be healthy rice, then brown rice all the way! You can also add be tiny pieces of bell peppers and jalapenos in your homemade Spanish rice, but a simple brown rice with garlic sautee, taco seasoning, and either enchilada sauce, taco sauce, or even salsa will work just great!)

* Aloo sabji (Dry potato curry) – It’s just boiled potatoes with Indian seasoning or a dry potato curry using onions and potatoes with Indian spices.

* Besan (Gram flour) – This could be good, too, but this pepper is a little huge compared to a jalapeno pepper or poblano pepper, but I’m sure you could split each pepper into 2 and stuff. For the gram flour, you need a pan with heated oil, add gram flour (it burns quickly so you must keep stirring) and you add salt, pepper, garam masala, coriander, lal mirch (Indian crushed pepper), and turmeric and stir until merged. Then, once you get a lovely scent in the air, you should know the flour is roasted. Then, stuff, and follow my baking instructions.

Stuff with whatever else you can think of! The kitchen’s your world. 🙂

The finished product looks a little something like this:

Definitely worth a try! Oh, and sprinkled on top is some cilantro. If you make it Italian style, basil will work too! 🙂


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