Happy Birthday…


To me! Obviously, I can’t remember a bunch of my birthdays. The only one I really cared about was my 16th birthday where I had a small get together with some good high school buddies in Houston. It was nice. My 18th birthday, a month before my birthday, I got a car. That was a memory that is obviously one for the books. Although it was a month before my birthday, it was a birthday gift nevertheless.

My dad woke me up one morning and told me that the van (back then, we had an Aerostar) was giving troubles AGAIN. So, we were going to the dealership to get it fixed. I was, like, are you serious, it’s so early on a Saturday morning! Regardless, I woke up, got ready (just a little grudgingly) but when we got to the dealership, I realized that it wasn’t even our dealership. That’s why I was, like, what’s going on? My dad still didn’t tell me what’s going on, but the car salesman gave away the secret by saying: So, the car is for her, huh? And, I was, like, NO JOKE! I think I almost did my happy jig, but refrained from making a fool out of myself. We went through rows of cars, but just like always, I picked the one that I saw first and had a heart-to-heart connection with. (Will write a post of about that one later). But, that’s how I got my beloved car. 🙂

Here are some old birthday pics. Enjoy.

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