Recurring Dreams (School-Related)


Exactly 2 years ago, I started subbing for an elementary school. (I quit the following end of February because of the wedding). I still remember walking into the 4th grade class, not knowing what to expect. I was immediately freaked out because I saw all the children, and I realized I would be talking in front of them for 4 – 8 hours. I think, in this case, I was there a half day. But, once I looked over the lesson plan, and got the practice, I started to become  a little more comfortable. By the time I had to quit, I was getting more comfortable with disciplining other peoples’ kids. To me, I feel very uncomfortable if I have to tell somebody else’s child that they cannot do something because I feel like: Of course, they will not listen! But, I can say I have learned a whole lot about children from my nursery job in the past and then this.

One time, I had the responsibility of putting pre-KG children onto the bus. I worried that these young kiddos didn’t know where their buses were. Or, that, what if they missed it?

Recalling that, I always have the recurring dream where I am exiting my school, and trying to find my bus. All the numbers are hazy, and I either get on the wrong bus or they all just leave, and I am left stranded at school. Sometimes, I realize in the end of the dream that I, in fact, drove to school, and walk over to my car (that happens when my dream really completes). What’s funny is this never really happened to me all that often in real life, but it did give me a complex when it was time to leave for home. It happened to me once, probably, and all I had to do was call my Mom to pick me up. But, in my dreams, I almost panic. They are silly dreams.

Another dream that I get is where I’m at school – in a mall, for some reason – and I realize it’s the end of the semester and I haven’t been going to one class in particular. I either show up at the class with the unfinished presentation or I see the grade on the transcript wondering, “Wait a minute, I had this class?” Such a relief when I wake up and know that it was just a dream, though.

My Mom says she still gets school-related dreams. She does work at one, so maybe it always stays with her, but I hope one day these school-related dreams will stop “haunting ” me! 🙂

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