I Am Against Bullying.


Inspired by Tuesday’s episode of ANTP (America’s Next Top Model), I wrote this blog. I have first-hand seen bullying. Since my hair is naturally black, one time in elementary school, someone commented on lice. Of course, I did not have lice, but considering I was probably the only girl that had dark hair along with the most-bullied person in our class (who they really thought had it), it gave them a platform. I befriended the person and I began to be teased, as well. Unfortunately for children that age, they are really pressured by their peers. I’m sure I went through a stage where I avoided that person, but to this day, I wish I had never let it get to me.

In middle school, I was teased for being smart. Although, I gained immediate confidence upon winning the vote for most smartest girl in 7th grade, I sometimes felt too geeky for my own good. I had one girl always chide me for making good grades, and luckily, I never let her make me get off track. I also got fun of for my name, but inside, I always knew that it had a very special meaning – to my Mother and for our religion. It is a blessing that I never really had to witness too much bullying – myself and others. But, for those children who do have to witness both, I wish that people would embrace uniqueness and become a little more open to difference. It really does make a difference if you stand up against bullying.

With that being said, Demi Lovato (guest starring on the show) mentioned a website, and I think I will share:

Teens Against Bullying

Let’s all be a little open-minded, open-hearted. 🙂

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