Brownie Wednesday.


Okay, so we fell into temptation. But, what’s great is I got a great memory out of it. Yesterday, we celebrated 18 months together. Cheesy, I know. But, hey, more reasons for dessert – why not? Saturday is the birthday, so hubby will be surprising me! I’m sure an awesome blog will come out of that one, so stay tuned. πŸ™‚

My memory today is about Dairy Queen. When we were younger, there were reading lists, and the more books you read, the closer you got to ice cream. Not so good for a book worm like myself, if I do say so myself. I used to read in corners. Read with my eyes peeled like grapes. Trust me. I was quite the reader, and worse, I was very imaginative. Mother, father, and brother would be outdoors doing garden work, playing something or another, and I? I was inside reading 100s of books. You could say I was never quite the outdoorsy type. But, it’s changed somewhat. Thanks to internet. I guess now I’m researching heavily on Google or another search engine and still not as outdoorsy. Anyways, enough about that. The whole Dairy Queen deal was amazing for me because I was always getting stamps or stickers on my reading list. We would get these really cute plastic baseball caps (this was in Minneapolis back when Dairy Queen started, and I do believe it made its debut there!) for reading X amount of books. Those caps were preserved, and I believe my Mom still has them (as I’m sure, if you did read the blog about dishes πŸ˜‰ Sorry, Mommy! :)) I did see a commercial for some place that was doing the same thing, and I was so tempted just to buy the desserts and toss them and keep the caps, but alas, that’s such a waste of good treats!! But, such a sweet memory of ice cream as young kids. I did enjoy ice cream, blizzards, sundaes, and all those tasty things with my family. I guess that foreshadowed my first job at Marble Slab?

I guess that leads to the present. Today, hubs and I shared a really nice brownie with our favorite ice cream on top (mint chocolate chip for me and cookies ‘n cream for him), whipped cream, pecans, and wow! Sure brought back childhood to me, though! Rarely do we have sundaes considering our resistance to sweets. This was a nice change, though, and I’m sure these good old days will become cherished memories, as well!

Love to all, and sweet everythings!! πŸ™‚


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