Putting my best face forward.


I would dread picture day only because I had to wear the tablecloth dresses with lace collars. How I chewed those in elementary school. Gross. I saved some of my baby dresses because they are darling, but clothes as I grew older were starting to resemble unfortunately the styles that everyone were wearing. Side ponytails were cute and leggings are back in!

This entry mostly is about my hairstyle that lasted until I moved to Austin for 11th grade. I had bangs and they were not flattering, at all, but alas, I was reluctant to grow them out until we decided to move to Austin. My motivation there was that no one knew me, and I could start anew without bangs. I even ended up with some color contacts (which were great for conversation starters) and then I finally trashed them and prefer my natural colored eyes, thank you very much. Chocolate, all the way! Regardless, it took me the whole summer, or maybe longer, don’t recall – to grow those bangs out. I can say that I was quite shocked to see my entire face finally. I had never really seen my face without bangs, so it was pretty cool, to say the least. Anyway, I also started to experiment with makeup. Then, I really became good at it, if I can say so myself. Nowadays, I wait for VERY special occasions to sport makeup because I just feel that it’s too much work for nothing. Clothes – still not too fashionable, but at least I’m comfortable! I just thank God that I finally decided to grow out those hideous bangs and be comfortable with my face.

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