I don’t love lamp. I love ramekins, muffin pans, casserole dishes, etc!


There was a time when I would get annoyed when my Mom turned the corner in ANY outlet mall and headed toward a Corningware store, or something or another. When people tell you that you (usually they tell girls this) that you will become like your mother, that’s the one thing I feared – her love for dishes and gadgets. But, as soon as I became a newlywed, I was in charge of bringing new plate sets, serving platters, silverware, pots and pans, and just about anything to do with cooking and kitchenware. Although, my husband had an amazing bachelor pad and he had a lot of utensils that I never would have expected, I immediately took to putting the kitchen together because I realized it was based on MY (Okay, and his, I guess ;)) taste and choice, and it became one of those highs that you get when you’re the powerful one. I immediately looked for things I’d use and might not even use, and started stocking up our apartment kitchen, making sure that when we bought our house that there’d be room and use for it. In short, I became the hoarder. The apartment kitchen never stopped me from experimenting on dishes, and when we bought our house, the first thing I noticed was the kitchen. I, being one, for not believing that yard work is just for the husbands and cooking is just for the wives was offended by my own decision that it was my place in the house. We both share responsibilities probably better than I would have imagined, I do believe that the kitchen is my haven and “office”, so to speak. I am always making new “delicacies”, and as soon as I think of something, I always associate what dish it would look wonderful in. I still find it hard to believe that when I was little that I thought my Mom just had an affinity for kitchen utensils. I always thought it was overly silly, and if you’ve ever seen my Mom’s kitchen, you would be pleasantly amazed. Her pantry blinds with the gorgeous stainless steel utensils, and everyone who has seen it is fascinated by it. Her organization skills are what make her kitchen so homey and loving. It always makes you feel at ease to be in a kitchen that not only has ambience but always smells wonderful. I never thought I’d be like that, but the kitchen is the place where I feel I am me. I love being in charge in there, and I’m more than happy to be JUST LIKE Mommy. 😀

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