“Wake up, you have a field trip today!”


That quote reminds me of my childhood COMPLETELY! My Mom told me when I was about (don’t remember exactly, but sounds about right) 5 years old, I told her if I had trouble waking up that she should prompt me by telling me there was a field trip! And, that I would pop up! It seems that this method could be used on me today because I absolutely adore outings and field trips. We made SO many fun trips in elementary school. (Keep in mind that these are not ALL my field trips and not in any particular order.)

I remember this field trip vividly because I didn’t even get to go! I don’t remember why, but we completely missed the bus, so I ended up staying with a teacher there. I remember feeling awful, eating snacks, lunch (not sure if I remember what it was, but I’m sure it was not anything special especially if there are no memories associated), and whatever else a teacher acting as a babysitter may do. I was really young at this point, but I do know that the field trip was supposed to be a field trip to the planetarium. I had imagined escalators and large glittery murals of stars and planets. I did get to go to a field trip later on to a planetarium and was pleasantly surprised.

The Sesame Street show. All I remember is being amazed at the fact that the characters were HUGE and that Oscar the Grouch actually had feet! 😀

I’m not sure what grade level, but we went to the Komo Zoo – St. Paul, Minnesota. If you don’t know me too well, I LOVE the zoo. In fact, I wouldn’t mind spending an anniversary/birthday/special event there. It wasn’t a first trip to the zoo, but it sure beat “busy work”.

Gopher Factory. I know that my Mom was the chaperone to this field trip, and I was thrilled to bits! She got to ride the school bus with us there, and I was so excited that my Mom was going with us. The tour was so great that when they had a sale, my Mom took me there and we bought tons of clothes. Very, very cool.

The ballet – Nutcracker. That was a wonderful field trip. The program was just great – I would recommend it to anyone! The Sugar Plum Fairy was my favorite, including her theme song! Loved it. I look forward to the music every Christmas!

Girl’s Scout Trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We rode a hayride. That was my first AND LAST trip to a haunted house. It wasn’t so scary but the robotics made me freak out because I was terrified of anything that MAY jump. Nothing ever did, but I vowed myself never to go into one of those again. Not worth it!

Oktoberfest – This one was in high school with my German class. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed myself or potato suppe more than I did that day! It was so exciting to see everything German, and the food was amazing. I definitely enjoyed this especially in high school because these outings in high school are EXTREMELY rare.

This wasn’t a field trip, but it was a German competition in Houston (for German Club – Klein Oak) at Bellaire High School. That was fun because it was a competition and there was also a “gift shop” with a lot of cool items. I remember getting a few things there, and finally earning my letter for my letter jacket!

Port Aransas – Biology AP trip, Junior Year – McNeil High School. This was by far the coolest. I know, I know, every field trip was SO wonderful and all, but this was different. This was an overnight field trip with my Biology AP class and another class. It was fun to try out sleeping at a dorm and making S’mores. We even went into jellyfish-infested waters for specimen. We identified specimen we captured on a boat trip. We saw wild dolphins, and just enjoyed the weather that cold November! So fun! The trip on the bus was exciting too because we watched movies on the charter bus, snoozed, and talked about what we learned (yeah, right!).

There we have it. My 9 memories of field trips. I’m sure if I come up with some more field trip memories, I will make a part II for this. ‘Til then, have a good night and sweet dreams about your childhood! 🙂

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