September 11.


Of course, I’m going to write what I remember from 9 years ago. I still remember and have it written down that I was peeved that I couldn’t drive my brand new car to school by myself. Darla (my neighbor, classmate, and friend) took the bus with me that day. And, I could only complain to myself and maybe to her how I wanted to drive to school. When we got to school (senior year), we decided to go to our college counselor (Ms. Lacey) and get some information about colleges from her. The TV in her room had an image of the WTC that was currently in flames, and what I remember reading was something about White House, and that was my initial thought, and my heart sank. I thought to myself: How could this happen and who would do such a thing!? I was horrified, and I, like a zombie, made it to my first class, Mr. Balmer’s Physics class. Since school started at 9:07, we were already seated, watching the TV broadcast the horrible WTC news. At that moment, LIVE, we saw the 2nd plane collide with the 2nd building, and honestly, I wasn’t sure if we were watching a recap, or if it were happening at that moment. It was the most traumatic moment in my life seeing such a sight. I still remember one girl laughed saying what horrible effects, but then she was instantly silenced when she realized this was really happening. I couldn’t believe it, and my heart sank for the rest of the day. Actually, for the rest of the day, I excused myself to the computers to research the victims and make sure that nobody that was near and dear to me was on the dreaded victims’ list. Everytime, I came across a name, my heart skipped a beat and I was very close to tears. That day was absolutely devastating to me. What made it worse was I had been looking forward to my 18th birthday on the 18th of September, but I almost felt guilty to be happy about my Golden Birthday. I still remember how bummed I was when my birthday came, and eventually took on the September 11th story in our yearbook hoping it would help me feel a little less horrified about the event. That could probably never happen, since to this day, every time I see news about it, I feel sick and scared.


God bless America, and please, let the world see that violence is not the answer.


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