Peanut Butter.


You’re thinking – HOW can this girl possibly write a blog about peanut butter? Believe me, this girl can. We just had a nice cozy dinner at Noche, and I had dessert at Yoforia – my absolute favorite place for frozen yogurt. Fro Yo, as I like to say. But, it’s the one place I can feel guilt-free almost about having desserts. They had peanut butter flavored fro yo, and if you know me at all. I love peanut butter. Especially smooth and creamy peanut butter. I like my peanut butter blended into a milkshake. I like my peanut butter melted over ice cream. I like my peanut butter spread over a hot piece of toast with sliced bananas. I like my peanut butter hidden in M&M encrusted cookies. I love my peanut butter on a spoon. And, if you can imagine, I like my peanut butter just about anywhere!! My husband doesn’t like peanut butter, at all. And, I thought, “Well, more peanut butter fro yo for me!” But, I still had to share the French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate fro yo. Shhh! Don’t tell him I didn’t want to! 🙂 Anyhow, my point is.. Peanut butter is maybe an acquired taste, after all? I mean, I remember when my Mom used to pack me peanut butter (Yum!) and jelly (Ew!) sandwiches. I would break the sandwich apart and eat the peanut butter side. You won’t believe this, but there was a time when I stopped eating peanut butter. Yes, it’s true. I just got back into the peanut butter groove, and I can’t say how awesome it is to be back! Peanut butter is so versatile! It goes well with dark chocolate and it also goes QUITE well with bananas. I could write an entire blog about bananas, so stay tuned for that one day, but today is an ode to peanut butter. Back to the flashback about my Mom’s peanut butter jelly sandwiches. I used to be so thankful that she didn’t pack me Indian food because to a child, being part of the “In Crowd” is highly necessary, especially when you feel out of place because of your background. So, I must say hats off to Mommy for packing me very COOL lunches. Especially the ones with pudding and so on… And, always a good juice to wash that peanut butter down! Gotta love the little things in life!! I have tried to feed Daler peanut butter, but I guess he went on my husband, ha ha!

Now, in honor of peanut butter, we have here…


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