Daler Singh Taneja


Precious. 2-inch-tall. Lemony-lime. Dancer. Singer. Family-man. He’s our cute little bird, Daler Singh Taneja.

He’s been in our household since November 29, 2009. He’s loyal as anything. He eats and drinks with us whenever we are enjoying our food. He loves popcorn. He loves “conversing” with the outdoor birds. The reason we got him was because our friend had him with a few other pets, and we decided to adopt him. I have a turtle back home in Austin, TX. But, we left him back with my parents because Puneet wasn’t too keen on having a pet turtle. I would have liked a dog, but they’re too much work and no one really wants to take care of them when you go on vacation, so the next best thing was an easy-to-care-for parakeet. Daler is the sweetest, and I can’t imagine life without him. He gives us kisses and always puts a smile or even a giggle on our face. ๐Ÿ™‚

While growing up, we only had pet fishies. They were cool, I guess, but Beta fish are not as entertaining as any other pet, so we would just sigh and watch them swim. I never really took care of them because they would be housed in glass bowls, which my mom used to clean. As soon as I had a paycheck in college, I decided to get a turtle. I had always wanted one. I went to many Petsmarts before I found my sweet little Leo Gupta. I went out and bought a clear tupperware “treasure chest”, his food, and essentials, and of course, the cute little turtle. I immediately took to it, and even took him back and forth from San Antonio to Austin. He seemed to enjoy the drives, but soon enough, I graduated and moved back home. He came with me, of course, and soon he became the apple of my parents’ eyes. ย And, then, Puneet and I got married, so Leo stayed back and Daler was adopted soon thereafter. Leo is doing great in Austin, enjoying himself to pieces. ๐Ÿ™‚


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