Chai and Cookies.


Growing up, I thought chai was such a grown-up drink. My parents, as is 99.9% of India/Indians/now-Starbucks-goers, are addicted to chai/chai lattes. When I was little, I remember the smells of cardamom, steamed milk, and all the spices that were put in that pot. I also remember that my mom and dad sometimes had Pecan Sandies along with it. It was like such a grown-up moment to get a bowl (to make it cooler faster for the kiddos) with a cookie. Such a delight it was when we got to savor the tea and cookie moments, today I had a cup of chai after so long, and I remembered how we don’t have as much joy over something so little as when we were young. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pair my chai with a cookie, but it was sweet thinking of that huge smile that used to appear on my face when we got that bowl of chai and one or two cookies. πŸ™‚


1/2 of water,

1/2 cup of milk,

1 subtle shake of cardamom,

1 subtle shake of cinnamon,

1 subtle shake of black pepper (funny I know, but it’s the best!),

1 subtle shake of ginger powder,

A few pieces of ginger (gingerly sliced),

Oh, and don’t forget the black tea!

Okay, now that you have all the ingredients, you start with the cup of water, you add all the spices listed, the gingerly sliced ginger, and after you have a rapid boil, add the teaspoon of tea/black tea bag, and then let boil once again. Now, just add that milk, and let it boil almost-over a few times until you have a nice caramel color or darker (if you must!) and then strain into a cup or two… This recipe could be for one or two depending on how much you need… Double, triple as needed! Oh, and OOPS! I forgot to tell you that this is the sugarless version, so add as much sugar as needed!! πŸ˜‰

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