“I wrote a report about it…”


Puneet (my husband) always makes fun of me when he tries to tell me about something, and then I mention, “Yeah, I know, I wrote a report about it…” Well, I really did. Shows how many reports we were forced to write in school and college. If I can remember correctly, I have written a report about:

1. Lyndon B. Johnson
2. Kennedy Curse
3. Love
4. Ocelot
5. Switzerland
6. “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson & Heath Ledger
7. “Fight Club” with Brad Pitt
8. Dreams
9. India

Yeah, there’s more, of course.. But, shows that it’s ranged from a variety of things. Kind of funny when it happens, though.

I still remember when we had to memorize a poem and recite it in front of the class with a massive visual. With me, it was one of the most terrifying moments because you can’t really hide behind anything. But, I made a television out of poster board with felt and it looked really cute and the poem ended up going well.

In college, I have the worst memory ever of a presentation. We had to present in front of 200 people IF you didn’t do the Junior Achievement program (a program where you volunteer to teach elementary school students). I didn’t get to volunteer in time that semester, but the next chance I got to volunteer, I did, and it was a really nice experience. The presentation went horribly because I wasn’t loud enough in the microphone (microphone! I know, how embarrassing!) and then, I kind of freaked out and went fast and finished way earlier than the time limit. Junior Achievement, the next semester, was the smartest way to get out of presenting to 200 people. I got a cute 2nd grade class, and I had to teach them the difference between “needs and wants” and teach them the meaning of business. They were very sweet, and I enjoyed it. It prompted this new graduate (me, of course) to become a substitute teacher until my wedding. At least I now know what to expect kids to learn in elementary school nowadays. 🙂

I am now a little better about presenting and I learn to be a little less terrified about talking in groups.

Happy reading!

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