Childhood memories.


There are moments where something sets me off into Flashback mode. As I like to call it. Unlike in the movies, my flashbacks are ALWAYS in 100% Technicolor. I was vacuuming around the house, and I immediately remembered the day (or remember the stories my parents used to tell me) when we had one of those now-antique vacuums where you have a box and a hose. Yeah, if that doesn’t tell you my age, I don’t know what will! Anyhow, back on track, when my dad used to vacuum, I used to sit on the box and ride around. Nowadays, the vacuums are so compact, that not a child let alone my bird (who is terrified of the “scary bird” because of its yellow-likeness to him) could sit on it. I don’t think he minds that he cannot sit on it, though. But, just that bittersweet memory of childhood just made me think that I should write all the “flashbacks” I get for a nice compilation of how future and present tie in with the past. Let’s just call it a refreshing blast from the past!

If you don’t know me, then first of all, I do not understand why you are reading this in the first place! Just kidding. Or am I? My name is Shipra, meaning “holy river”. I’m married, and have been for almost 1 year 6 months, now. We live with our sweet little bird, Daler, meaning “brave”, which he definitely is not. He eats and drinks with us, showcasing his adorable loyalty. He enjoys playing with his spinner toy – we call it a piano – because it makes him dance causing his blue eyes to glitter. He’s precious, no doubt, and we never tire from his sheer entertainment. He does, however, sometimes annoy. But, that is when he shows his cranky side in the morning when he tries to “converse” with the outside birds, and then, in frustration starts to shriek – Oh, and did I mention this all happens between about 7 a.m. – 12 noon. Sometimes, it doesn’t last until noon, so I guess there should be no complaints. He’s definitely the light of our life, as of now.

I have had a Xanga, but since those were my college years, I started another blog, but that blog felt forced, so I deleted it and proceeded to get a wordpress. Hopefully, I will faithfully keep up with this blog, and it will become a nice platform for my thoughts. So, let’s see how this goes!

Happy reading!

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