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Welcome to Taneja’s Bride, a blog that is about beauty, lifestyle, and trends worldwide! We talk about pretty much everything here, so take a look and I’m sure you’ll see something that catches your eye!

I’m Shipra Taneja, or better known, as Taneja’s Bride. What started off as a blog about random ramblings of a wife slowly and steadily became a blog about lifestyle and beauty.

I’m a 30-something year old wife and mother. Most days, I am obsessing over makeup. Seriously, go ahead and ask the hubs. I love, love, love colors and it is something I really enjoy. I am an author (currently writing/on hiatus with my 2nd book) and here’s how my love affair with makeup really started:

When I was a couple months old, my Mom used to put black kohl on my eyes to ward off evil. I guess you can say I was born with the love for makeup? I really didn’t trouble my Mom when it came to wearing makeup to school, and she definitely was really excited when I asked! So, I still remember, I started off with some mascara and eyeliner. I told her and I still remember my words, “I don’t think I’ll ever wear lipstick – it smells funny!”

“Um, boy were you wrong,” says my massive lipstick collection.

I absolutely love colors, and I firmly believe that colors are for EVERYONE, no matter what age!

So, here I am – I can’t wait to share ALL my makeup and nail polish and other miscellaneous things with YOU! Don’t worry, we don’t talk about ONLY makeup. We will talk about random things, as well. So hang on to your seat – you’re in for a fun ride!

I’ve also written a novel – a philosophy, a romance, entertainment – and I’d love to share with you all about it. Check out my page here for further details. Or, you can directly go the Amazon site and support me! 🙂

Paint the town red! Be BOLD! Make a statement! Be YOU! Don’t be afraid of colors!


  1. Wow love love love your wedding attire

  2. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! http://wp.me/p1Z8Rq-BJ

  3. Hello darling, here’s another award nomination for you: The Blog Your ♥ Out Award!
    Take a peek at my post http://gingerlovesmakeup.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/blog-your-heart-out-nomination

  4. The story about your mother putting kohl on your eyes is so sweet! 🙂 I picked up some kohl in Morocco but am always afraid to use it because I’m scared the powder will get everywhere haha. P.S. your photo on this page is STUNNING.

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  5. Hi, thank you for following my blog! I love your reviews and actually purchased the Red Apple Lipstick in “Swoon”on your recommendation. Best wishes to you! 🙂

  6. I really think you got me at “be you”.
    I do love colours too 😀

  7. I love colours too! love ur blog!
    and i love make-up too 🙂

  8. What is the lip color you are wearing in your profile picture (under “About Taneja’s Bride”)? It’s gorgeous!

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