Join Me On My (NC35) Search for the Perfect Shade in ColourPop No Filter Foundation


I’ve been matched to my MAC shade a few times, so I know for sure I’m NC35. ColourPop recently released their line of 42 shades of No Filter Foundation, and I knew it would be a little work to find my correct shade. Did I find it? I’m not quite sure, as I have not worn it WITH additional makeup, such as highlighter and blush, etc. BUT, I did get close. Are you ready to see what shades I chose and how they looked on me?

The colors I chose for myself are:

  • ColourPop No Filter Foundation Medium Dark 110
  • ColourPop No Filter Foundation Medium Dark 115

As a refresher, here’s my face without any foundation. JUST moisturizer. 

Then, I tried both swatched on my face:

Top to bottom: tarte Tan Honey, COVERGIRL T20, ColourPop No Filter Foundation 110, ColourPop No Filter Foundation 115

Top to bottom: ColourPop No Filter Foundation Medium Dark 110, ColourPop No Filter Concealer Medium 30, ColourPop No Filter Concealer Medium Dark 32


Medium Dark 110:

In my opinion, this seemed perfect in the picture, BUT extremely ashy and gray-cast in person. I also feel I may not have applied enough to get the right look, but then it would have definitely been much lighter than it looks here. I missed a close-up of this one, but when I try this again – I will update!

Medium Dark 115: It seemed to be this one gave my skin more full-coverage, but this could have been user error by adding too much versus the amount I used when I tried Medium Dark 110. I also noticed that it gave me a cool-toned touch to my skin, so this is also a little no Bueno. Close, but not close enough? What do YOU think? Should I go up one shade or stick with this one?

And, here’s all of the images mushed together, so you can kind of see the transformation. (I did not mush 110 into the collage because I did not feel it worked for me, but stay tuned because I will most likely give it ANOTHER go). 

Okay, let’s talk about the foundation without talking about the color. My skincare routine consists of Suzanne Somers Liquid Oxygen serum (this is a life-changer, folks! I feel my hyper pigmentation has disappeared completely since using this and it could also be from my diet change, also. If you are interested in this, privately message me.) Anyway, after I use this I use my Paula’s Choice toner, exfoliating lotion, and moisturizer. THEN, I apply foundation. This foundation applies the same with or without the moisturizer! The foundation is definitely much more liquid than I am used to, as I prefer my tarte Tan Honey foundation, which is more or less of a mousse formula. The ColourPop No Filter Foundation is much more liquid, so using less is definitely better. I applied with my fingers because using a beauty blender/brush is always hit or miss for me. Fingers do the job, so I choose to use that tool. After applying the foundation, I did notice a SLIGHT oxidation (the pictures are AFTER that slight oxidation, which happens within seconds). The foundation transfers, so it may be a good idea to set it with the translucent powder, but I did not purchase or use one. My son’s white t-shirt did get a tiny smudge of foundation from my chin. The wear and tear of the foundation is graceful, to say the least. I didn’t notice it creasing or fading in an obvious way, and by the end of the day, I did have a little bit of glow on my t-zone (even though, my skin is mostly dry but considered combination), so I guess it does bring out the oils in your skin probably because of the “creamy” formula. I really love the way the foundation felt on my skin – extremely lightweight and giving a beautiful, airbrushed appearance to my skin, so I do hope I find THE perfect shade. Do you think I found it?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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