Morph Into Spring with the ColourPop Butterfly Collection

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There’s nothing like seeing your first butterfly flitting about and the very first flower blossoming at the start of springtime. ColourPop chose this to represent their Spring 2018 collection, and it couldn’t be more perfect! The colors of the ColourPop Butterfly Collection are spot on, and it will definitely help you transition or morph into spring. This collection has plenty of pieces to choose from, so grab a snack, some coffee or a drink, and let’s get started! 

The collection consists of:

  • Pretty Fly Super Shock Shadow Kit: Force Behavior, Goodbye Butterfly, Three’s a Cloud, Flux with You, Soul-cialize, Up in the Air
  • New Theory Lippie Stix Kit: Ink Blot, Sike, Little Tings, Lullaby, Fly-Fi, and Persuasion 
  • Butterfly Lux Lipstick Collection: Tip Toe, Carousel, Afterglow, Dream Easy, Reverie, Angel City, Unravelled, Nu Wave
  • Queen of the Morph Eye Set: Bubble Bee, Exo, (Flux with You)
  • Hear You Chrysalis Clear Eye Set: Superfly, Ladybird, (Goodbye Butterfly)
  • Sting Like a Honeybee Eye Set: Up in the Air, Buzzin’, (Force Behavior)
  • Damselfly in Distress Eye Set: Polly, Race You, (Three’s a Cloud)
  • Pressed Powder Face Duos: Just Dew It, Clock Work, Winging It

The packaging of the Butterfly collection was hand-done by their graphic team! How gorgeous and meticulous!

Starting with the Pretty Fly Super Shock Shadow Kit, there are 6 super shock shadows that are absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for many versatile pretty fly looks! 

Top to bottom: Force Behavior, Goodbye Butterfly, Three’s a Cloud

Top to bottom: Flux with You, Soul-cialize, Up in the Air

New Theory Lippie Stix Kit contains 6 lippie stix: Ink Blot (matte), Sike (matte), Little Tings (creme), Lullaby (matte X), Fly-Fi (matte X), and Persuasion (matte). I was really excited over the new Matte X, of course, and I was pleasantly surprised by the matte formula of the lippie stix working beautifully for me! The colors that they chose for Matte X, though, are AMAZING! I was bowled over by Fly-Fi because this color is ridiculously unique to me – I expected it to be deeper, and was super impressed by the muted quality looking so FLYAll face photos have Clock Work Pressed Powder Face Duo and the #EOTD will be explained toward the end of the post. 

Ink Blot, matte warm neutral beige

Sike, matte deep dirty peach

Little Tings, creme mid-tone mauve pink

Lullaby, matte X intense orange red

Fly-Fi, matte X red terracotta

Persuasion, matte plum

Top row: Ink Blot, Sike, Little Tings
Bottom row: Persuasion, Lullaby, Fly-Fi

Butterfly Lux Lipstick Collection has special packaging, which was also hand-drawn by the graphic design team. It’s ridiculously gorgeous, and I’m all about nautical, mariner-style stripes this spring, so this really floated my boat! The collection contains 8 Lux Lipstick: Tip Toe, Carousel, Afterglow, Dream Easy, Reverie, Angel City, Unravelled, Nu Wave. The formula of the Lux Lipsticks has been discussed in the past. To read more about this luxurious yet affordable formula, check out the review on the 25 line-up that was introduced not too long ago! 

Tip Toe, light cool-toned nude

Carousel, satin true pastel peach

Afterglow, true blue pink

Dream Easy, satin soft coral red

Reverie, satin bright orangey coral

Angel City, satin dusty berry

Unravelled, satin bright violet pink

Nu Wave, satin vivid pinky red

Top row: Tip Toe, Carousel, Afterglow
2nd row: Dream Easy, Reverie
3rd row: Angel City, Nu Wave, Unravelled

Besides the 6 Pretty Fly Super Shock Shadow Set, there are 8 gorgeous Super Shock Shadows. I’m always a sucker for ColourPop’s eyeshadows, be it the original bouncy, dreamy Super Shock Shadows or the pressed powder shadows. And, how adorable is the packaging for each? 

The 8 Super Shock Shadows are Bubble Bee, Exo, Superfly, Ladybird, Ripple, Buzzin, Polly and Race You.

Top to bottom: Ladybird, Polly, Bubble Bee

Top to bottom: Superfly, Exo, Ripple

Top to bottom: Race You, Buzzin

#EOTD was created using Superfly all over lid, Exo on mid-lid to outer lid, Ripple on outer lid and crease, Soul-cialize on tear duct to inner crease, and Up in the Air in outer crease.

And, finally, we have the 3 Pressed Powder Face Duos. Again, gorgeous artwork!

Just Dew It
Zip: satin blush; burnt coral
Zoom: pearlized highlighter; rich peach with a gold sheen

Winging It
Whirl: satin blush; soft lilac
Swirl: pearlized highlighter; icy metallic lilac

Clock Work (shown in all face photos)
Tick: satin blush; soft orange
Tock: pearlized highlighter; metallic peachy champagne

This collection is definitely one of my favorites, thus far! I really enjoyed all the colors and thought put into each product and packaging. I’m absolutely a huge fan of the lipsticks – both the lippie stix and Lux Lipsticks! They are excellent, and the prices can’t be beat. Also, I was thrilled to bits with the new additions of the face palettes because they are my favorite thing and MUST-HAVES for my makeup bags, especially during travel. My most anticipated product, however, was Superfly, but when I watched it, it was extremely sheer. I’m assuming the thought behind this is to be a topper like the way a fly’s wings are sheer. It’s still gorgeous, but I do wish it were much more opaque. I’m sure if it were put over a matte shade similar to the base, it would look fantastic. There are plenty of pieces, so you can easily pick and choose what you like or grab it all! 


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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