Bring Out Your Natural Highlights with SunIn


This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own. 

My hair has always been one shade – deep, dark brunette. Although many people will see it as black, raven hair, it’s actually quite dark brown close-up. Always wanting to get highlights but keeping the natural look, I’ve never really sprung for them UNTIL NOW! SunIn is an affordable way to bring out your natural highlights by simply spraying on and sitting out in the sun OR using your blow dryer since it’s activated by heat. This is such a great way to change up your blonde to medium brown hair with a spritz of a bottle and keep your hair in great shape since the botanical extracts condition your hair without any alcohol ingredients. 

My hair is a little darker than medium brown, but I noticed a difference in 2 applications. I am going to continue to use it because the scent is lovely without being overpowering and my hair looked incredibly silky, as well! I do think that once my hair gets a couple more applications, it will really look stunning! 

So, how do you use SunIn? Easy! When you hair is freshly washed and damp, spray SunIn either generously OR on the areas you want to lighten. Then, either go out in the sun and let air dry or blow dry to activate. This is great for me in the Pacific Northwest because when winter arrives, our sun goes (mostly) bye bye! So, if I want to get gorgeous sun-streaked hair that will give me my summer, vacation vibes, then the blow dryer and OBVIOUSLY SunIn can bring out my natural highlights making me the envy of the general population! 

If you could use affordable, natural highlights, grab yourself a SunIn bottle from Walmart and get to spritzing!



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