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This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own. 

Did you know that habits take 21-days to form? Pamprin is promoting well-being through the power of positivity. We all know what a drag that time of the month can be, but with the help of positivity and Pamprin, we are given the chance to recalibrate and give ourselves happy and beautiful thoughts and vibes. That time of the month is often times called “Shark Week” for obvious reasons, and chocolate can be a positive treat, as well as starting the day off with some goals and positive thinking. I often like to jot down a few things I want to complete in the day or things I love about myself, and this gets me going! 

PRIMP and Pamprin together are urging YOU and I to #BePositivePamprin by repeating the 7-day cycle 3 times and with intentional and consistent effort, you can create positive habits. Together we can make an optimistic difference!

Day 1

Start today with 3 positive self affirmations.
Attach your list to your mirror.
Read them aloud every day.
Add to the list every day. 

Day 2

Find positive company.
Who are the stars in your social circle?
Who builds you up?
Stick with the stars and become one.

Day 3

Make a list of things for which you’re grateful.
An attitude of gratitude is a sure fire way to attract positive vibes.

Day 4

Give yourself an others an “atta girl (boy).”
When you give encouraging words, you also receive them.

Day 5

Seek, and you will find.
We are responsible for choosing our perception. 
Look for the good, and you’re 100% guaranteed to find it.

Day 6

Find what brings you joy
and order it up every single day.
Unlike fleeting pleasure, joy is consistent.
We cultivate it internally.

Day 7

Stop to smell the roses.
Give one away.

Be present minded enough to give and receive life’s simple gifts. 

Day 8

Hit “replay” and make it a habit.
Positive thinking begets positive action.
Positive action (over and over) creates positively powerful results.

Pamprin Multi-Symptom relieves all symptoms of PMS/menstruation NOT just pain. It contains 3 active ingredients – antihistamine for irritability, diuretic for bloating, and a pain reliever for cramps. 

 To make PMS better, there’s also nothing like chocolate, so I decided to share my adorable “Think Positive Truffles”. These are SUPER easy and can be made by any level chef, even children! 

Think Positive Truffles

Step 1: In a saucepan or microwavable bowl, add chocolate chips. 

Step 2: Melt (on stove or microwave for 30 seconds or until smooth) chocolate chips with 1 tsp of (any type of) oil and 1 tsp of instant coffee powder (optional). Use care as it can be hot. 

Step 3: Put melted chocolate into the sandwich bag. Cut the tip and pipe a plus sign. You can embellish with sprinkles or any sort of topping. 

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