Organize Your ColourPop Pressed Powders in this EXCLUSIVE ColourPop Beauty Bender Palette


ColourPop is celebrating their birthday ALL month with surprise deals and steals, so make sure you keep your eye on the site to grab these EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED EDITION products – some are brand new and some are repromotes. This specific product, a ColourPop palette, is brand new and completely exclusive, although I do feel that they will eventually release these in all sizes. This palette is around 4″ x 5″ and can host up to 12 ColourPop-sized pressed powders. This palette was listed at $7.00 and was only available for 24 hours, but I do have a strong feeling they will release them again!

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ColourPop did provide free palettes for every 4 pressed powders purchased, but currently that promotion is on hold (or stopped) for bigger and better things. I have a feeling this was a test run for the palettes, and I am really hoping they do release bigger ones. Since this can fit 12 pressed powders, it’s a great way to customize specific colors. As you can see, mine are mostly bright and fun. 

The colors in my palette are from the Nectar Collection, Sunset Collection, Sand Collection, and even some just from the permanent pressed powder collection, such as the blues. 

The size is great for travel, and has a magnetic base so that the pressed powder pans adhere to the palette, which makes them even MORE perfect for traveling. They are simple, but I think that’s fine, and I’m sure they will customize them if they do make them bigger and better and as a collaboration with someone like the upcoming ILuvSarahii Collab. 

What do you think? Were you able to grab one?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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