Sparkle in ColourPop Treat Wave, Dirty Birdy, and Sandwishes Ultra Metallic Lips


It’s been awhile since ColourPop has released Ultra Metallic Lips. In fact, I’m also behind on posting the last 3 that were released, but they will come soon, as I have a lot of makeup still packed away! But, enough of that, ColourPop did a quick and surprise release of 3 Ultra Metallic Lips (and I’m sure there are a LOT of surprises besides their sales up their sleeve as this is their birthday month). Let’s take a closer look at the 3 Ultra Metallic Lips that were released not too long ago. 

  • ColourPop Treat Wave
  • ColourPop Dirty Birdy
  • ColourPop Sandwishes

ColourPop Treat Wave is ColourPop Flitter’s little sister. ColourPop Flitter has gold shimmer while Treat Wave has a silver shimmer. For me, this is LOVE. My only complaint? The shade is patchy, but this can be solved by wearing a pink liquid lipstick similar to the base shade of Treat Wave. 

ColourPop Dirty Birdy is a silvery lilac. I’m SO thrilled with these silver metallic liquid lipsticks, I can’t even begin to tell you. My favorite lipstick in college was my silver metallic one. It was different and looked really interesting (and was always a conversation starter), and I wouldn’t change that for the world. This shade was also patchy. 

ColourPop Sandwishes is definitely my favorite of the 3. This subtle fuchsia with cool shimmer is just stunning and flattering for all. There was no patchiness in this shade, and it wore beautifully all day. 

These 3 were hit or miss for me. I love, love, love ColourPop and their surprise releases. BUT these were a little rushed, I think. Reason I say this is because the lighter shades were patchy for me. The only one that performed well, in my opinion, is Sandwishes, which went on smooth and wore evenly all day long. The formula of the Ultra Metallic Lips is mousse-y and also transfers. You do get a matte finish after some time and they are also very comfortable, but the coverage is just a little iffy depending on the shades. The darker ones perform much better than the lighter ones. I do hope to see this range grow and change because the affordability can’t be beat. 

What do you think about the Ultra Metallic Lips if you have tried them?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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