Feel Peachy Keen in the Give Me Glow Cosmetics Peach Galore Collection


If it were up to me, I’d probably wear oranges, peaches, and terracottas ALL the time, but variety is essential, too. As monochromatic makeup is very in, this is on point! When Brandy of  Give Me Glow Cosmetics announced she was releasing a Peach Galore Collection, I jumped on that quickly. There was no way I was going to miss that. At first, she released it as a set, but she has since broken it up into individual pieces, which is a dream for those who want certain pieces, but I think after you see everything, you’ll want the entire set. 

In this collection are:

  • 3 Liquid Lipsticks: Peach Pop, (Matte Liquid Lipstick) Georgia Peach (Matte Liquid Lipstick), and Peach Party (Vivid Lip Paint) 
  • 4 37mm Pressed Powders: Pale Peach, Peach Fuzz, Miami Peach, and Princess Peach
  • Ombre Highlighter (which you can now buy in individual shades): Peachy Sunset – contains the shades Peachy Pink, Golden Peach, and Porcelain Peach

Peach Pop is a sweet pale peach that is a fantastic neutral. As I am medium-tan, this was one of the colors I was a little weary of, but it’s fabulous! This is a matte liquid lipstick and it’s so flattering and comfortable to wear!

Georgia Peach is close to my heart because the name is what I call my little boy since he was born in Georgia and my major craving with him was peaches. Guess what his favorite fruit is?! Haha. This shade is a beautiful true orange with a touch of peach. Did I mention her matte liquid lipsticks are incredibly satisfying wear-wise and comfort-wise?

Peach Party is a vivid lip paint, which means it is more of a satin finish. It’s extremely smooth, flattering, and comfortable to wear! I know – I’ve mentioned flattering and comfortable for each, but it’s the truth!!

Brandy just released her pressed powders recently, and they are HUGE at 37mm. They are $8.50 individually, so you’re getting a bargain. Her matte shades were a little hit and miss for me, but the shimmer is incredible. Let’s discuss them each.

You can also pick up the “Frushy” (Mermaid Brush) in her store. The color seen below is Rose Gold, and it’s incredibly soft!

L-R: Peach Fuzz, Pale Peach, Princess Peach, and Miami Peach

Pale Peach was a little difficult to swatch by hand and picked up okay with a brush. The swatch you see is a few swipes. 

Peach Fuzz is a medium dirty peach, and this one had no issues swatch-wise or with a brush. 

Miami Peach is a burnt reddish peach, and this one is a little patchy swatch-wise, but beautiful and like butter with a brush.

Princess Peach makes me reminisce the Super Mario Bros. days! And, this glitzy and glamorous pressed powder is fantastic swatch-wise and with a brush. Incredible pigmentation and last!!

#EOTD consists of Pale Peach all over the lid and into the crease with Princess Peach layered on top. Peach Fuzz was then blended from the edge of Princess Peach in the center to the outer edge and outer crease. Miami Peach was then added and blended into crease. Lipstick in below picture is Georgia Peach.

Verdict? I wore this #EOTD all day long, and there was absolutely NO creasing, transfer, or smudging. This is one of my new favorite quads. It looked almost filtered in photos, and that means it blends and wears incredibly well.   

As I mentioned above, the ombre highlighter in Peachy Sunset can now be purchased in singles: Peachy Pink, Golden Peach, and Porcelain Peach

Peachy Pink is a beautiful shade that I used as a blush in all photos. 

Golden Peach is a soft golden glow that everyone will look amazing in! In fact, the way it blended into my skin made it look extremely natural. 

Porcelain Peach is a shade of highlighter I usually use because it goes really, really well with my skin and gives it a filtered look. 

And, then mixed together:

#FOTD is Peachy Pink as “blush”, Golden Peach as a “contour” and all around the “blush”, and Porcelain Peach on all the high points of my face. Lipstick below is Peach Party. 

Give Me Glow Cosmetics is definitely one of my favorite brands at the moment because the liquid lipsticks are pigmented and really beautiful shades with comfort and last to boot. The matte liquid lipsticks are transfer-proof, but obviously the vivid lip paints are not, but look at the pigmentation! I am now a huge fan of her highlighters, as they really are stunning. I may even have to grab Golden Peach and Porcelain Peach on their own because they gave me the ideal filtered look I’ve been wanting! 

What do you think of this collection? Buy it all OR are you grabbing bits and pieces?

Website: givemeglowcosmetics.com

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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