Wander Beauty Prone to Wander Kit + Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil + Wanderout Dual Lipsticks Swatches and Review


We’ve discussed Wander Beauty in the past, and I’m always enamored by the fact that they make multi-purposing QUALITY beauty products. Wander Beauty kits are some of my favorites, as are their amazing, buttery moisture-matte lipsticks! In this post, we will be discussing:

  • Wander Beauty Prone to Wander Kit, which includes the shades: Wanderberry, Barely There, Velvet Rope, Miss Behave, Exhibitionist, BB
  • Wander Beauty Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil
  • Wanderout Dual Lipsticks in the shades Exhibitionist/BTS and Nikki Beach/BB

Wander Beauty Prone to Wander Kit includes the shades: Wanderberry, Barely There, Velvet Rope, Miss Behave, Exhibitionist, BB

Wanderberry is a gorgeous deep, brick red. I love this shade of red because it is so flattering to wear and looks great on a variety of skintones!

Barely There (also can be found as part of the Wanderout Dual Lipsticks along with Wanderberry) is true to its name and is a great neutral shade fit for anyone!

Velvet Rope is my favorite of the bunch! This deep, vampy shade of browned red is just absolutely stunning, and look at the coverage. Not a patchy dark shade at all!

Miss Behave is a cool-toned neutral shade, and this one is lovely for a low-key look!

Exhibitionist is another favorite of mine! This deep magenta is just SO flattering that you can definitely expect heads turning to look at your pout!

BB is a soft, delicate bubblegum pink without being too Barbie. This is a great shade for everyone!

When it comes to brows, I have been fine-tuning the skill for awhile now, but I do KNOW the importance of groomed and filled in brows. The Wander Beauty Frame Your Face Micro Pencil in Taupe is PERFECT for me. Not only does it “gel” my wild brow hairs down but it fills in without looking too “Sharpie-d” in. It also features a spoolie at the end for blending and grooming, but with this gentle pencil, I didn’t really use it afterwards. It was more of a groom the eyebrows, fill in and step out. 

Multi-purposing is definitely something that is necessary for the daily makeup junkie. My favorite is the Wanderout Dual Lipsticks. The two that are great to go from day-to-night are Exhibitionist/BTS and Nikki Beach/BB.

Taking a 2nd look at Exhibitionist, which is also part of the Prone to Wander kit. 

BTS is a GORGEOUS cool-toned lavender. In fact, this is the shade I couldn’t take off for the rest of the day!

#EOTD details: ColourPop Flutes on the lid covered by ColourPop Mixed Tape, crease is ColourPop Party Time, and lightly patted on in the center was ColourPop Boy Band 

In the next Wanderout Dual Lipstick is Nikki Beach/BB

Nikki Beach is a fun, coral pink. This is a beautiful shade to transition into Spring/Summer.

BB is also in the Prone to Wander kit, but here’s a 2nd look.

Wander Beauty is one of my favorite brands because the makeup products are quality and can easily be multi-purposed, which for me is highly important being someone who changes lipsticks throughout the day/night and is obsessed with trying different shades. They have amazing colors available for all skintones, and I also adore the fact that they share swatches on different skintones, so it makes it easy to shop and pick the PERFECT shade for you! The lipsticks feel like butter on the lips thanks to the ingredients from around the world, such as:

  • Marula Oil (South Africa) – remove dryness from within
  • Castor Seed Oil (Japan) – help heal lips and prevent further chapping
  • Cocoa Seed Butter (Netherlands) – add protective layer of hydration
  • Jojoba Oil (Argentina) – lock in moisture 
  • Mango Seed Butter (India) – soothe and moisturize
  • Sunflower Oil (France) – moisturize lips
  • Vitamins C & E (Switzerland & Germany) – protect against free radical attacks and promotes cell regeneration

My lips feel like they are being given the royal treatment when I wear these richly pigmented lipsticks, so they are definitely my go-to bullet lipsticks, especially if I’m not planning to eat or drink immediately, but they are also THE perfect size to tote along! 

What do you think about these gorgeous products? Have you tried Wander Beauty yet!?

Website: wanderbeauty.com

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