ColourPop x Alexis Ren Collection Swatches and Review


Edit 2/28: I received the Alexis Ren Topaz Palette, and adding to this post. Scroll to bottom for more!

For those of you who don’t know Alexis Ren, Instagram model, are bound to learn more about her now that she has collaborated with ColourPop and created an amazing collection featuring two brand new products – the Topaz highlighting/bronzing powder palette and Blotted Lips. I have not purchased the Topaz palette only because I don’t really use bronzer, so I decided to skip on it. However, we know that a lot of times I do purchase products that I don’t normally use for the sake of experiencing and testing new products and sharing with YOU, so let’s not hold our bated breath yet! 

In this post, we will be discussing the NEW Blotted Lips and explaining how to wear the product. The colors are:

  • ColourPop Deja Vu Blotted Lip
  • ColourPop Exotic Blotted Lip
  • ColourPop Lexi Blotted Lip

The other two products are:

  • ColourPop Bare Necessities Ultra Satin Lip
  • ColourPop Little Weapon Ultra Matte Lip

The Blotted Lips was something I was incredibly curious about. I’ve been impressed with the Lippie Stix and that’s a huge step UP considering they were NOT a product I enjoyed the first time I tried them because they were incredibly drying, but I can tell that they have worked hard at perfecting the product. But, back to the Blotted Lips… This is a product that is definitely something you’ll want to try! The Blotted Lips is a sheer but buildable matte lip color. I decided to show you TWO ways to wear it (one swipe and then built up), so you could see what you’re getting with this. Let me tell you now that I LOVE this formula as much as I love the Matte X formula thanks to the weightless and non-drying formula, and I hope to see more colors brought out in the Blotted Lips. 

Deja Vu is MLBB (My Lips But Better). It gave it a slight wash of color giving my lips a healthier look. But, again, don’t think of these like lip balms because they are NOT. They are a weightless sheer matte. 

One layer:

Built up:

One layer:

Built Up:

Exotic gives you a subtle red-orange to your lips.

One layer:

Built Up:

One layer:

Built Up:

Lexi is a soft, just bitten kind of red. This is a great way to start wearing deeper shades or dip your toes into a “vampy” shade without being so bold! 

One layer:

Built Up:

One layer:

Built Up:

Then, finally, we have one Ultra Matte Lip in Little Weapon (definitely not for the faint of heart). This shade is AMAZING! The color, the formula, the wear – all 3 get an A+++++. 

Bare Necessities is a peachy nude. A great Ultra Satin Lip shade that was also incredibly comfortable to wear and flawless on the lips. 

As promised, I did, in fact purchase the Topaz palette once it was available in the restock! 

The packaging is gorgeous! It reminds me of my favorite nail art – matte black with glossy stripes. So glam and elegant! When I opened the palette, I was terrified because a lot of people had broken palettes, and I did find that my bronzer (which is actually very, very soft!) was raised and pushed around. It had a lot of fall out everywhere, and it was impossible to keep the palette clean while using it and every time the palette was closed, the powder would become more and more crushed, fine powder spilling everywhere. I am hoping they will reformulate that because it made it difficult to use (not to mention, messy!). 

And, then, a closer look at each portion —

She’s Here to Stay: pearlized highlighter; a true gold

Golden Moment: matte bronzer; a warm bronze

I’m over the moon about all these shades (and to think I was planning to skip – yeah, right!). All of them are flawless to wear, great for natural or bold makeup, and just an overall top notch collection! Because of my experience with these, I am highly leaning toward buying the Topaz palette, so stay tuned! 


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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