Pretty & Polished July Body Box Review


As someone who enjoys shower and bath products, I was overjoyed when Chelsea sent over her Pretty & Polished July Body Box. Even though it is Summer, I still make sure to keep my skin moisturized, exfoliated and prepared for the winter because let’s face it Winter is Coming. (Points for those who know where that’s from! Ha!)

In the Pretty & Polished July Body Box, we find the following:
Happy Dance Bubble Bomb Bar
– Clean & Calm Shower Bomb
– Root Beer Float Mani Melts
– Coconut Papaya Cuticle Balm Stick




Let’s talk about them individually! First, my son decided to claim the Happy Dance Bubble Bomb Bar for himself. The Happy Dance Bomb Bar smells like a delicious fruit cocktail! The bubble bomb bar is delicate and fragile, so when I tried to pull it out, it broke into 2 pieces, which is great because I really dislike wasting an entire bar in one bath! Once placed into the bath, it fizzed and melted slowly and all the oils and fragrance just envelope you in your bath. The beautiful thing about Chelsea’s bath products are melt away! I loved that about her products. They slowly dissolve and let you really enjoy them!



The Clean & Calm Shower Bomb couldn’t have come at a better time for me. With a head cold, I needed something that would steam the sick away, and this shower bomb was a blessing. I am going to be stocking up on these because I’m more of a shower person, and the concept of a shower bomb was totally new to me! I half-expected this to POOF! and go down the drain without surrounding me with a delicious spearmint and eucalyptus fragrance, but this melted so slowly that it actually outlived my entire shower! Now, that’s what I’m talking about!


Root Beer Float Mani Melts just remind me of easier days a.k.a. childhood, and these mani melts smell just as delicious (just more vanilla). And, these also melt away slowly but once you place your hands and feet in, trust that you will get the cuticles of your dreams. These are precious, as well, shaped like little sweetheart candies (try to keep these stored somewhere safe so if you have any children, they do not mistake these as candies because they sure look AND smell like it!). See above at how precious they are!

Need a tropical escape and gorgeous cuticles? You need the Coconut Papaya Cuticle Balm Stick. This was one of my favorites out of the box because it applies quickly (and not greasy) and your thirsty cuticles will drink this cocktail made especially for them RIGHT UP! And, the scent is magnificent. If you love tropical scents, this is right up your alley!


I must say that I will be grabbing more shower bombs and definitely more cuticle balm sticks! These are must haves! Bubble bars will definitely be on the list, as well, as my son adores them, and this one was by far his favorite. He loved the scent so much (he was sick of the herbal scented ones lol). And, her prices can’t be beat, as well! And, if you are hearing about this brand for the first time (that would be a shock, though!) then also know she has nail polishes and sugar scrubs and just about everything you need to feel and look pretty & polished!

Body Box is $11 shipped in the US!

US Only. International customers who are interested in the Body Box, please email us at

On the first day of every month we will make a new Body Box available. Our Body Boxes are packed full of Bath & Body products that will keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed all month long. This is a great way to try out many of the Bath & Body products we offer while getting the opportunity to try exclusive products and letting us know if it is something you’d like to see us carry on the website.

July Body Box includes:

Happy Dance Bubble Bomb Bar 5 oz – This Bubble Bomb Bar is all about the Happy. To use:  Drop a piece of your bomb bar into warm water while the water is still running out of the faucet. The Bubble Bomb will fizz while releasing a foam that causes tons of bubbles! You need to keep your water running for the bubbles to reach their full potential. Our Bubble Bombs are slow melting too so you only need a small piece but you can add more for more bubble power! Find this product here: Happy Dance Bubble Bomb Bar

Clean & Calm Shower Bomb 1.5 oz – This Shower Bomb smells of Eucalyptus and Spearmint. To use: Drop in the bottom of the shower near your feet under direct water away from the drain. Let the stress go while the scent envelopes you and soothes you. Salts, Butters, and Oils will also soak around your feet and help to soften and scent your skin! Spearmint and Eucalyptus create a calming, gentle aroma and Tea tree essential oil helps to soothe and detoxify your feet as the shower bomb dissolves. Find this product here: Clean & Calm Shower Bomb

Root Beer Float Mani Melts  .5 oz –  These tiny little melts can be used one at a time or as many as you need to soak your hands or feet. They smell of Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream. To use: Drop Mani Melt into bowl or tub of hot water and let it melt. Once water is cooled to your liking dip hands or feet into water and leave for at least 5 minutes. Feel free to soak as long as you like. After soak wipe hands or feet with paper towel and rub any leftover oils into your skin. Find this product here: Root Beer Float Mani Melts

Coconut Papaya Cuticle Balm Stick .15 oz – Coconut Papaya Cuticle Balm is a delicious tropical mix of creamy coconut and juicy papaya!  Use on cuticles or any rough patches of skin for a burst of moisture and a dreamy scent! Find this product here: Coconut Papaya Cuticle Balm Stick

All Pretty & Polished products are handmade with love and care. We only use the best vegan products we can find. We hope you enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed making them.

What will you be getting!?

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