ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks PART I Swatches and Review


Okay, so you knew this was coming, right? When ColourPop Cosmetics released the news of the Ultra Matte Lip LIQUID LIPSTICKs coming soon, I seriously hugged my knees and rocked in a corner. Almost. Instead, I impatiently waited on my laptop for the release, and luckily SNAGGED 14 of the 25 liquid lipsticks. It took me 1 hour to purchase them, and in my 1st order, which is this one, I was able to grab 6. I then made another order, and then another (with the ColourPop Metamorphosis palette and some eyeshadows). I chose the liquid lipsticks carefully because as I already own tons of liquid to matte products, I wanted to choose those that would look right on my skintone (which for reference is NC35). So, you’re, like, let’s get to the point, right? Okay, okay, let’s move on to these liquid lipsticks that sell for $6 EACH.



The box is similar to that of the ColourPop Lippie Stix, just a little larger to house the size of the Ultra Matte Lip.

I just love the holographic text! It’s so cute!! And, SO unicorn!

The color shown is Lychee.


I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging of the liquid lipstick itself. Very chic and sturdy! I believe it holds .11 fl oz, which is a very decent size and also comparable to other brands of liquid lipsticks.


The applicator has a slant, which made it perfect to line and fill in the lips. It is not flexible, but it does the job it’s meant to do.





In this post, we will take a closer look at the following shades:
– ColourPop Trap Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Solow Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Donut Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Ouiji Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Highball Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Lychee Ultra Matte Lip


L-R: Solow, Donut, Ouiji, Lychee, Trap, and Highball

Starting with ColourPop Trap Ultra Matte Lip, this one is a greige, which is really trending lately! The shade went on smoothly and dried fairly quickly!




Next, we have Solow, which was a pink nude on my lips. This shade is neutral, and I think it’d look great on a variety of skintones!



Donut made me think of Homer Simpson, for some odd (oh, yeah, he loves donuts) reason, but this shade is EVERYTHING!

Found at

Found at




ColourPop Ouiji, or as I affectionately have nicknamed, “The One Who Almost Got Away!” During the launch, this baby took its sweet time jumping into my cart, and my son and I laughed our heads off because we were delirious (probably from eating donuts lol) until it finally got in my cart. My son loved the name Ouiji because it reminded him of Cars’ character Luigi. He kept giving me a funny look when he saw me shouting at my laptop, “Get in my cart, Ouiji!”



Highball hesitantly got into my cart, but I coaxed her in. And, my, oh my! I am infatuated with this shade. What a stunner pink!



And, last but definitely not least, as I’m actually wearing this as I write this up, is Lychee. Lychees are actually the most delicious fruit ever, and it’s difficult to find, so when you find a lychee, you eat it slowly, and to me, this shade was like that! I wore it, and I could NOT take it off, so here I am, wearing it.




Let’s talk about them! Honestly, I was really impressed by them. They were light (and definitely not drying) as promised. Most of them required 2 coats (allowing 1 to dry first and then a 2nd application) but the opacity rocked my socks off! For $6, these are comparable to other liquid lipsticks for sure! These are not mousse-like at all, so they do require a steady hand to line and fill, but don’t worry about it drying on you while you’re applying. They take a quick minute or so to dry. Since I was swatching them one by one, I fanned my lips (no kidding!) to get them to dry, but they have the ultra matte finish as promised. They don’t have a scent or taste to them, which is a plus, but I kind of wish they had a vanilla scent to them like their Lippie Stix. I will definitely be buying a couple more when they relaunch! And, I hope they keep adding to this line (my wallet, however, does not wish this!)

And, to recap!


L-R: Trap, Solow, Donut, Ouiji, Highball, Lychee


I have 8 more for you as soon as the package arrives! Believe me, I can’t wait to try the other colors! Some of them are darker than these, so we will get to take a look at how they compare to the lighter shades in formula!

What do you think? Do you see any you need or want?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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