Dorco USA Women’s 6-Blade Shai Soft Touch™ (LSXA1000) Razor and Blade Cartridge (LSXA1040) Review


Now, don’t deny it, but we’ve all been getting Summer ready, am I right? Here where I live, it’s already in the high 90s, so obviously you have to dress accordingly, which to me, means shorts, capris, sundresses, etc. So, of course you have to show off those legs. I usually look for a razor that will give my legs a close shave without giving me nicks, so when I was given the opportunity to try the Dorco USA Women’s 6-Blade Razor, I knew I was about to get Summer ready in the nick of time. Pun NOT intended! 😉


When I shop for razors, my #1 priority is flexibility of the blade, so that it contours to my body and gives it a close shave without nicking me. PressSampleSticker

The Dorco USA Women’s 6-Blade Shai Soft Touch™ has the ability to contour, and the blade is sharp, and if you shave gently, you will leave the shower without a nick, but IF in the case you do get nicked, I have learned the best way to stop the bleeding is to dip your finger into your deodorant (yes!) and then apply to the bleeding, and ta-da! But, if you work carefully, it shouldn’t come to this!


The Shai Soft Touch comes with a suction-cup holder, which allows you to stick it to your shower wall. I love this because my shower organizer DOES have a razor holder, but the razor ALWAYS falls of from it and for this reason, I usually have to keep it from hanging there. The suction-cup holder has been holding up really well on the shower wall, so this really was a positive thing for me. It’s always the small things, right?




As this is not a disposable razor, you can change the cartridge. You have the option of purchasing a 4-pack cartridge or a 6-pack cartridge. There is also a lubricating strip that contains the following: Vitamin E, Aloe, and Lavender Oil. This is important to keep your skin smooth and healthy afterwards.



Again, there are 6 blades, sharp blades, may I add, that will give you a close and smooth shave. There is a lubricating band that makes it usable for any skintypes, especially sensitive skin, as it will not irritate. Wide guard bar makes sure the hair is removed in one swift (yet safe) movement.


Overall, I had a great experience with this razor, and I did not have to go over the skin numerous times (like other razors I have used in the past). Another thing I’d like to mention is the price point. For $5.95, you are getting a razor and a blade cartridge. This is exceptional because a lot of razors I have purchased are usually double the price. As the blades are sharp, make sure you do not touch the blade. Also, this really goes without saying, but moisturize your legs with your favorite body lotion/butter after you shave to keep your legs feeling smooth. P.S. There are also razor systems for men.

Have you used this razor before? What do you look for in a hair remover/razor?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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