MAC The Matte Lip (Partial) Collection 2015 PART II Photos, Swatches and Review


MAC’s Matte formula is one of my all-time favorite formulas in lipsticks because it is creamy, comfortable, and lasts a long time and looks REALLY FLATTERING (given that you have exfoliated and moisturized religiously) on.

I have SIX to share with you today (Four are BRAND NEW and Two are Previously Released). Let’s dive right into these!

PurchasedbyMeStickerIn this post, we will see the following lipsticks:

– MAC Persistence (*NEW* Permanent Shade)
– MAC Stone (*NEW* Permanent Shade; Inspired by Lip Pencil)
– MAC Tropic Tonic (*NEW* Permanent Shade)
– MAC Antique Velvet (*NEW* Permanent Shade)
– MAC Studded Kiss (*Previously Released as Limited Edition* Permanent Shade)
– MAC Instigator (*Previously Released as Limited Edition* Permanent Shade)



Clockwise Starting from Top Left: Persistence, Tropic Tonic, Studded Kiss, Antique Velvet, Instigator, and Stone

Starting with MAC Persistence, I almost skipped this shade because it was said to be similar to MAC Whirl, but I love medium browns, so I sprung for it anyway, and I sure am glad I did so! I love this beautiful shade! As for being similar to MAC Whirl, It’s similar but not exactly because Whirl has more pink in it. Let’s take a look at Persistence, and then I’ll show you a little comparison next to MAC Whirl.



And, here is the little comparison:


L-R: MAC Persistence, MAC Whirl

Next, we have MAC Tropic Tonic, a lovely medium coral. This shade for me is a “perk my face up” shade. Like, for example, when I know I’m going to be wearing my glasses or sunglasses, this shade is a must! I loved that MAC added this shade because they do have a lot of deeper matte oranges and corals, and this one is a nice staple to have.



MAC Studded Kiss was previously released with the Punk Couture Collection, and although it was LIMITED EDITION, I did not rush to get it, and I sure am glad I didn’t (even though it really attracted me!) because now it is PERMANENT! And, this shade is such a stunning deep red. It is definitely a must have! I found that it looked really similar to MAC Hearts Aflame (from the Novel Romance Collection), so if you missed that, then grab this one instead!




L-R: MAC Studded Kiss, MAC Sin, and MAC Hearts Aflame

MAC Antique Velvet, another new shade, is a deep brown beauty! This one is a beautiful shade, as well, and I was really eager to add it to my collection!



MAC Instigator, also previously released with the Punk Couture Collection along with Studded Kiss, is back again and PERMANENT. This shade is a deep and dark purple, but it was definitely patchy, sadly. I guess a lip pencil would fix that issue. Pretty shade, though!



And, last but not least, MAC Stone, another lipstick that was inspired by a lip pencil (like Whirl), and is quite a gorgeous grey-cast brown shade. So much so, that I can’t seem to stop wearing it, even though, I expected it not to be my type.



Overall, these wear really well and comfortably and will always be one of my favorite formulas of lipstick. There’s nothing like that sweet vanilla scent and that black cardboard box with black tissue paper at your front door.


L-R: Persistence, Stone, Tropic Tonic, Antique Velvet, Studded Kiss, and Instigator

And, the previous batch, where you can find the review HERE.


L-R: Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Flat Out Fabulous, Men Love Mystery, and Heroine

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Which ones are going to make it into your cart?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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