LipScape Thera and Vesuvius Lip Lavas + Atchafalaya Lip Gloss Swatches and Review + Comparisons



LipScape created by Ingrid of NOLA has finally created ultra-matte liquid lipsticks, and they are PERFECTION. I’ve been wearing one of them almost a full 8 hours, and I am just madly in love with this one color and I plan to wear it again tomorrow. Crazy, right?! I barely have that happen to me.

Let’s take a look at these beautiful lip products Ingrid surprised me with! 🙂

LipScape offers all-natural lip products inspired by geographical imagination, handcrafted in NOLA!



Top two are matte liquid lipsticks (aka Lavas) and the bottom one is a lipgloss

Let’s start with the lipgloss, Atchafalaya:




The lipglosses are moisturizing and provide a good amount of pigment. They are not sticky, and they definitely are comfortable. The wear is like most lipglosses, but this does leave a tiny bit of a stain.

Next, we have the beautiful matte liquid lipsticks, or as Ingrid of LipScape calls them, Lavas!

Thera, now this one stole my heart, it is the RIGHT pink for me. I absolutely am in LOVE with this.




At first, when I looked at it in the tube, I thought, this looks very similar to Lime Crime Utopia and LASplash Alice, but let me tell you, NOPE, this is totally unique!


L-R: Lipscape Thera, Lime Crime Utopia, Kat Von D BauHau5, MAC Pleasurebomb, LASplash Alice

Then, there’s Vesuvius, a gorgeous deep red with fine, fine red shimmer. You will NOT feel the glitter at all when you wear it.




When I looked at this, I thought, “Hm, this looks like LASplash Lady and Evil Queen!” But, you know, this is close to Lady, but the glitter is so much finer and makes the lipstick looks more lit from within than Lady does. I love this one more, for sure!!


L-R: LipScape Vesuvius and LASplash Lady


L-R: LipScape Vesuvius, LASplash Evil Queen

Overall, I must say, like with the LipScape products I’ve tried before, I really loved these, and now I have my sights set on Pacaya and St. Helens. I cannot believe the lasting power on these. I must warn you, though, that since these are ultra-matte, they do tighten on your lips to give them that finish, so make sure you have exfoliated, moisturized and definitely stay hydrated. Also, these do have a cocoa/chocolate kind of scent but no taste. The smell does wear off almost right away. And, it does fade very gracefully.

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.

What do you think about these? Any of these on your radar?


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