Firmoo Prescription Glasses Pair #F011 Photos and Review


There are days that I just live in my glasses and sweats, but you definitely can rock a hot, smoky eye with glasses, too! I decided to pick the #F011 pair of glasses because they are retro chic, and they also show off your eyes a bit more than some pairs of glasses. I love the Firmoo selection process. If you’ve read my review on a pair of glasses I received awhile back, you can see and read more in detail.

For a quick recap, this is what the selection process looked like for me:



They come with a case and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the lenses.


These chic glasses came in 3 different colors:
– Purple
– Brown/Pink
– Teal/Brown – the ones I chose and are currently not available







I wish they had the clear pads that help glasses stay on because these seemed to slip off my nose more often than not, but they are super cute, and I would love to own them in each color because I felt that they suited me very nicely. I paired these with a teal smoky eye and rust/orange lips, and it was such a great look. I also love the fact that I can overdo my waterline since I’m replacing my contact lenses with the glasses, and it won’t irritate my sensitive eyes.





Do you think Firmoo’s Virtual Try-On picked a good pair for me?

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  1. What lippie are you wearing? It’s perfection! Glasses are great. I can’t do contacts and love having to do over the top eye makeup because of wearing glasses! Can get away with amazing bright colors and rock elaborate eyes everyday!

  2. You look so great in these glasses, very studious and hot! (I hope that’s not too creepy to say, I mean it in the best way!!)

  3. they look great on you! I have a pair of Firmoo glasses, and I love them!

  4. I love these glasses. They look so classic and I totally dig the idea that you can visual see what you are getting. Great post girl!!

  5. The style you chose looks fab on you!

  6. The style is perfect! Great choice!

  7. Love the blue rim finish on you!

  8. The colors of these glasses really compliment you!

  9. They are very cute. I work in optical. Getting your glasses adjusted is a negative to ordering on line. That being said..most Vision Centers would adjust them so they cannot slide down. Did not catch the cost.

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