Milani Bella Eyes 26 – 30 Photos, Swatches, and Review


THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! (Yes, I’m so jamming that right now) Here are the last 5 of the series. Yep, this will complete the 30 Bella Eyes! I can’t believe it is almost over, but you better believe, I will be playing with these a LOT more in the coming days! If you’re JUST joining us, this whole series was focusing on the Bella Eyes (5 at a time) for a total of 6 posts with 1 look each created with those 5 (provided in the numerical order).

I will be doing a round-up so each look, arm swatches, etc. can be seen in ONE final post.

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In this final look, we will be working with the following colors:
– 26 Bella Fuchsia
– 27 Bella Mandarin
– 28 Bella Chiffon
– 29 Bella Rose
– 30 Bella Diamond


(L-R: Fuchsia, Mandarin, Chiffon, Rose, and Diamond)


(L-R: Fuchsia, Mandarin, Chiffon, Rose, and Diamond)

– 26 Bella Fuchsia:


– 27 Bella Mandarin:


– 28 Bella Chiffon:


– 29 Bella Rose:


– 30 Bella Diamond:


To create this look, Rose was used all over the lid, Mandarin was then patted on mid-eyelid to the outer eyelid, and Fuchsia was then added to the outer eyelid. Chiffon was used to highlight browbone and tearduct. I used Diamond to highlight mid-forehead and the higher points of my nose, cheekbones and cupid’s bow. Eyes were lined with Milani Sparkling Turquoise. Lipstick is Milani Rose Hip with Urban Decay Lovechild on the center of my top and bottom lip. I then patted Chiffon over it lightly and blended it out to create the ombre lip.


Lipstick is Milani Rose Hip with Urban Decay Lovechild on the center of my top and bottom lip. I then patted Chiffon over it lightly and blended it out to create the ombre lip.







I was a little disappointed with the Bella Fuchsia and Bella Mandarin as their color impact and pigmentation was kind of on the low side. I fell in LOVE with Chiffon and Diamond, as they are two fairly similar yet very different whites. Bella Chiffon is a golden-toned white and would be lovely as a highlighter (on eyes and/or face) and just a simple shade on the lid for a delicate and romantic look. Bella Rose would also work as a highlighter (on eyes and/or face) and is a very lovely and pigmented shade. Bella Diamond is also great as a highlighter (on eyes and/or face) and also looks rather delicate and romantic on its own! Although, I was disappointed with Fuchsia and Orange, I think I was rather pleased with the other 3.

What’s your take on this delicately flowery look? Recreate or no?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I’m with you on Chiffon and Diamond! Pretty!

  2. Chiffon looks so great! And ummmmmmm I totally LOVE your gif!! That is the coolest thing. 😀

  3. I’m loving the lipstick in these photos. So pretty!

  4. I like the chiffon so much! very pretty! =)

  5. Beautiful look – great color combo and shaping! You did a lovely job with the Milani eyeshadows – I’ve had some experiences with them where the colors look vibrant in the pot, but then come out differently when applied. You picked some beautiful ones – esp like the turquoise accent eyeliner.


  6. I like the fuchsia shade, but I also thought it would be more pigmented. Love your turquoise liner for summer! The GIF was pretty awesome!

  7. YAY blinking gif! Great look!

  8. Can you come do my makeup every morning please and thank you? I am loving this look, so feminine!

  9. Love the way you styled these colors. It is such a great look.

  10. Love the softer shades here, such beautiful highlight colors!

  11. You are talented! i wish I could do that. Maybe I’ll experiment more 🙂 it looks very pretty.

  12. Okay I definitely want fuchsia and mandarin! I also love the lip color, very pretty. I really need to finally grab something from this collection!

  13. very nice soft shades!

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  15. This is a really cute look. Love all the different shades. I think I should try and broaden my horizons with eye shadow as I never use them!

    Katie <3

  16. You always have the most beautiful colors! I don’t know how you find these things!

  17. I love silvers and pinks together!! Looks beautiful 🙂

  18. I really Like all the colors! And the pic/movie is a great way to showcase them

  19. I’m really loving the hint of blue you see when your eyes are open. It’s so pretty!

  20. Bella Fuchsia is so pretty in the pan, it’s a shame that it didn’t perform well! Gorgeous as always, love the ombre lip!

  21. I love the green liner, it looks so pretty and clean!!! Keep it up on the GIFs. LOVE IT!

  22. Love those lighter colors, and the different colors on your lips. It adds such nice dimension.

  23. I love those lighter colors. And the different colors on your lips, it adds so much more dimension.

  24. i love how delicate this look is! it’s really feminine and pretty!

  25. Oh wow… those colors are beautiful!

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